Charlie Sheen Polls Higher Among Independent Voters Than Sarah Palin. It's Called "Winning...Duh"

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Charlie Sheen's "winning" is getting political.
Charlie Sheen's "winning" knows no bounds, which is why it should come as no surprise to learn that when pegged against former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin in a race for president, Sheen's "winning" among independent voters.

The left-leaning polling firm Public Policy Polling conducted a poll asking voters who'd they prefer to be president if their only options were Palin or Sheen. Overall, Palin edged out the Hot Shots Part Deux star 49 percent to 29 percent, but that's only because 84 percent of Republicans said they would support the darling of the Conservative movement.

However, among independent voters, Sheen beats the former Alaska governor 41 percent to 36 percent, which is a telling sign of Palin's dwindling popularity and the unlikelihood that she could win a presidential election.

The poll, as ridiculous as it may be, also lends a little credibility to rumors that Palin's considering a run for Senate in Arizona.

Last week, rumors swirled that Palin was planning to base her hypothetical presidential campaign in Scottsdale.

However, as New Times also mentioned last week, early polling numbers show that if Palin were to run for president, she'd probably never make it out of the primary -- and she probably knows it.

According to a recent poll of Republican voters in New Hampshire -- a critical state in any presidential primary -- Palin is viewed unfavorably by a full 50 percent of likely Republican primary voters, compared to the 33 percent who view her favorably.

She trails both Mitt Romney and former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty (neither of whom ever starred in their own reality TV show).

In other words, despite her one-time popularity amongst the far-right-wingers, even Palin has to know that any chance of her becoming president is slim.
GOP sources tell New Times Palin fell in love with Arizona while campaigning with Senator John McCain during the 2008 presidential race, and that she already owns a home here. Although, no record of any Sarah Palin-owned property in Maricopa County is found on the County Assessor's website (there are, however, four homes owned by people with the last name Palin, and homes owned by people with the same names as Palin's sister and father).

Not to mention, Palin's daughter Bristol's inexplicable move to Maricopa.

As we mentioned in our prior post, should Palin run for Senate in Arizona, there's a pretty good chance she'd win -- she can raise a lot of money, and Arizona is probably the one place on the planet where a Republican less popular than Charlie Sheen among Independent voters could win a Senate race.

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Thomas Chi
Thomas Chi

Sarah Palin is a hypocrit. Usually that wouldn't be a problem, but in the case of a U.S. representative trying to act as if she is Hillary Clinton, Israel and India should be off limits, especially is she is only traveling because she thinks it is a good opportunity to help her win the White House. If the majority of Americans laugh at her in the United States, how will it help when the international audience laughs at her in India and Israel? This makes Sarah Palin lethal to America's business interests.

The GOP is scared. Republicans know Sarah Palin is seperating the GOP. Sarah Palin should remember Lloyd Bentsen. Lloyd Bentsen will be remembered for his interchange with Dan Quayle in their vice-presidential debate in 1988, in which Quayle, a Republican senator, compared himself to President Kennedy. Bentsen, a Democratic senator, replied: "Senator, I served with Jack Kennedy, I knew Jack Kennedy, Jack Kennedy was a friend of mine. Senator, you are no Jack Kennedy."

"Sarah Palin is no Hillary Clinton!"

Palin is a threat to business relations, diplomatic relations, not to mention that she makes the United States look weak - If not ignorant - Sarah Palin's trip to Israel and India reminds me that she is a Pentecostal Evangelical Christian. Sarah Palin’s blessing against witchcraft was scene by voters across the Internet. Sarah televised her evangelism. Studying Sarah’s past in the fall of 2005, Sarah Palin was running for Governor of Alaska when a Pentecostal Christian minister from Kenyan named Pastor Thomas Muthee rebuked witchcraft when he prayed over Sarah Palin. She asked for this “protection”. Sarah Palin volunteered to be video taped. Pastor Muthee preached several times at Wasilla Assembly of God, Sarah Palin's church for more than two decades. If Sarah Palin is hunting for witches. If she believes that non- Christians run this risk? Should Sarah Palin be preaching in India and Israel right now? Delware voters were surprised when Republican candiate for the Senate Christine O’Donnell came out as a self-proclaimed witch, but Christine O’Donnell was hand picked by Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin gave Christine her Tea Party backed endorsement to run for the vacant Washington DC Senate seat. Many GOP officials were angry because O’Donnell’s drama lost them the Senate seat where Republicans could have gained a majority in the Senate as they won with the House of Representatives. Sarah Palin was to blame. Christine O’Donnell’s quotes were used by comedians - As were Sarah Palin’s quotes.

Thomas ChiPublisher Selling Sex with Sarah PalinPresidentSarah.Net


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Carlos Irwin Estevez certainly does no how to entertain. Those women in that picture look really happy!

I would like to see Charlie move here and run against Palin for Senate! That would be so cool!

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