Baby Gabriel Mom, Elizabeth Johnson, Quotes Musician Everlast in Bizarre "Poem" to Baby-Daddy

Elizabeth Johnson apparently is an Everlast fan. She's also a little nuts.
The goal of Elizabeth Johnson, mother of missing baby Gabriel Johnson, apparently is to make the boy's father, Logan McQueary, as miserable as possible -- a plan that now includes sending him "poetry" that quotes lyrics from a musician nobody's cared about since 1998.

In a bizarre "poem" Johnson sent to her baby-daddy, McQueary, she quotes musician Everlast's 1998 hit "What it's Like," as well as more ramblings from a woman who once told her baby's father she had thrown the boy's "little blue body" into a dumpster in San Antonio, Texas.

The illustrated "poem" Johnson calls "The Universal Mother," first uncovered by KPHO, shows a drawing of a pregnant woman surrounded by bizarre quotes like the lyrics from the Everlast song.

"Maybe one day you might know what it's like to walk the blues. They call her a sinner, they call her a killer, and they call her a whore. Maybe one day you really will know what it's like to be alone," she writes, kind of quoting the depressing 1998 hit (see the actual lyrics here).

She goes on to write "but whenever did the self-righteous know the sentiment of pity," a quote to which she credits to Mark Twain (it should be noted, we couldn't find that quote attributed to Twain, or anyone else, for that matter).

Johnson concludes her "poem" with the word "hypocrites."

Johnson's been charged with kidnapping in the disappearance of her then-1-year-old son, Gabriel, who was last seen when Johnson claims to have given the baby to an unidentified couple she met at a park in San Antonio in December 2009. That was only after she told the baby's father that she'd killed the boy and put him in a dumpster.

Johnson's trial is scheduled to begin May 9. See the image of the "poem" at the KPHO Web site.

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Really? The only thing I can comment on without ranting about the idocy of the comments posted here, is in response to the mark twain quote Elizabeth was reffering to. The words themselves are innacurate however she has clearly read and recalled the idea of the quote accuratly. It is a well known, and had you done your research it would have been clear. It goes as follows: "But who prays for satan? Who in eighteen centuries, has had the common humanity to pray for the one sinner who needed it most?


If you think a woman is sane, you don't know her well enough.

Mentally Murdered
Mentally Murdered

Well she is correct in the fact that its miserable to be alone. Which is why I'm glad I have a GF. We, heterosexual men can't live without women.

Unkown Lover
Unkown Lover

she needs a good fucking i can tell. im sure its been awhile.

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