Avondale Man Who Traded Tattoo for Sex With Minor Pleads Guilty

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Juan Lara
An Avondale man who traded a tattoo for sex with a minor was in Maricopa County Supreme Court this morning where he changed his plea to guilty to various sex-with-a-kid-related charges.

Juan Lara, 38, pleaded guilty to two counts of attempted child prostitution and two counts of unlawful tattooing for the April 2010 incident.

Lara, who goes by the street name "Memo," was running a makeshift tattoo parlor out of a room he rented at an Avondale trailer park when he gave tattoos to two 16-year-old girls without their parents' permission.

One of the girls paid for her ink by having sex with Lara.

At the time of his arrest, police thought Lara was targeting young girls, and thought there could potentially be more victims -- although, none came forward after his arrest.

Lara's sentencing is scheduled for April 20, in front of Judge Glenn Davis.

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Sex on 2 wheels
Sex on 2 wheels

this guy is more proof to not a bald clean cut male.

Da Plane, Boss, Da Plane !
Da Plane, Boss, Da Plane !

I would have chosen "mammo" myself, but that's just me.

I'd betcha the bitch is the one who hit up short stuff with the tat me for a fuck deal


"Memo"??? What a stupid moniker. Stick with "Lara" motherfucka.

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