As Promised, Cop-Evading Public Masturbator Tiberias Foster

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Tempe Police Department
Tiberias Foster
Since our earlier post about Tiberias Foster, the 25-year-old alleged public masturbator/flasher extraordinaire who managed to get away from Tempe police officers three times yesterday before he was found hiding in a bush at an apartment complex by a police K-9, the Tempe Police Department provided New Times with his booking photo (that's him to the right).

Read about Foster's far-too-public antics here.

The Tempe Police Department held off on releasing Foster's photo because they suspected he may be involved in other incidents and were conducting photo lineups with victims of similar crimes.

Tempe police spokeswoman Molly Enright tells New Times there's no new information available about whether Foster's been linked to other crimes. She says the department's investigation is ongoing.

In any event, if Foster's ever shown you his nether regions without first getting your consent, call the Tempe Police Department. 

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Victor Frankenstein
Victor Frankenstein

I'm reading - or, more accurately, subjecting myself to - the online Republic, something that I've inexplicably done for years.

(I've concluded that the Repub simply copy/pastes info bulletins as a substitute for actual reporting, then rewards the diligence of the copy/paster with a byline.)

THEIR coverage, also dated the 16th, states that Flash's pic isn't being released until the conclusion of the investigation. On a whim I Googled his name, and wasn't surprised to see that it had been released. I also wasn't surprised to see that it was here.

I have no idea why I hate myself so that I would restrict myself to mental repression but since I'm talking with myself again there's hope for the future.


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A masturbator who was found hiding in a bush? This is an oxymoron,..........right?

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

This is definitely Pulitzer material, James. If you're not at least nominated it will be a travesty of justice.

Dark Man
Dark Man

No wonder he got away 3 times. Its because he's Black. He ran like a marathon[ian] thug.

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