Another Marine Reported Missing in Yuma

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Corporal Joshua Barron was last seen on March 15.
For the second time in just over a month, a Marine stationed in Yuma has been reported missing.

The Naval Criminal Investigation Service and local police are investigating the disappearance of Corporal Joshua Barron, a Marine from Standish, Maine.

Barron, 22, who is stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station in Yuma where he works as an engineer and mechanic, was last seen by his roommate on March 15.

Base officials don't suspect foul play.

Last month, another Marine was reported missing from the Yuma base.

Sergeant Jonathan Kyle was reported missing on February 14. Law enforcement agencies spent a lot of resources in their search for Ferguson -- search and rescue crews conducted air and ground searches in northwest Yuma close to the Colorado River. Border agents with canines aided in the search.

Kyle was missing for about two weeks before it was determined he'd gone AWOL. He then turned himself in.

Anyone with information about Barron's whereabouts are asked to call authorities.

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He lived OFF base. Geesh, spreading crap like that is just plain hateful. Does dying constitute being AWOL? Don't make moronic comments when you have no facts.


I suspect something is really wrong with the command structure at the Yuma military base that is causing these instances of AWOL. Let's hope the other shoe drops soon and we can stop experiencing this loss os security we taxpayers have paid for.


Probably the reason these Marines keep disappearing is because they have a strict code of honor which prevents them from staying in this bass-ackwards state for long.


ExpertShot, I just left Yuma and the service and I never had any problems with the command. Of course I didn't know either of these two Marines, so I can't speak for them. I can tell you that the command there makes a concerted effort to help Marines with their problems. If they don't ask for help, or tell someone, there's nothing they can do. I've seen that a million times.

Some people are classless
Some people are classless

Or maybe his strict code of honor was violated by someone who tossed his body into a canal.

Stay classy, Doc bob.

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