Wade Ridley, Suspected of Murdering Ex-Girlfriend, Arrested in Las Vegas. Admits Involvement in Murder -- and More

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Wade Ridley told police he was involved in the murder of his ex-girlfriend, Anne Marie Simenson.
The ex-boyfriend of a woman murdered in Phoenix last week was arrested in Las Vegas yesterday morning while driving the victim's car.

Wade Ridely, 53, was originally considered an "investigative lead" in the murder of 62-year-old Anne Marie Simenson, his ex-girlfriend. Now, the Phoenix Police Department says, he's a suspect -- dude admitted involvement in the murder...and a robbery...and copped to another attempted murder prior to the murder of Simenson.

About 4 p.m. Thursday, Phoenix police were called to a house in the 28600 block of North 46th Place regarding "unknown trouble."

When they got there, officers found Simenson's body with obvious signs of trauma. She later died.

In addition to being murdered, Simenson's car was stolen, which, as we mentioned, happens to be the same vehicle Ridley was driving at the time of his arrest.

After being taken into custody, Ridley admitted to detectives that he was involved in the murder of his ex-girlfriend. He also told police he was responsible for the robbery of a Safeway pharmacy near Simenson's home that occurred shortly after she was murdered. In addition to copping to the murder and the robbery, Ridley also told detectives he was involved in an attempted murder that went down in Las Vegas prior to the murder of Simenson.

Ridley is still in custody in Las Vegas, but will be brought back to Arizona where there will likely be charges of murder and robbery awaiting him.

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Miranda would be ashamed
Miranda would be ashamed

Mr. Ridley,Goddamn it, boy, you give stupid a bad name.Killing someone who trusts you for profit is "Murder I", a capital offense, dumbass.Can you say "death penalty" and "lethal injection" ???And by the way, Wadey poo, driving a stolen car over the state line is still a federal offense.But at least you weren't picked up for shoplifting, so you've got that much going for you.Here's a tip... If you're going to steal a car and keep it for personal use, hide it for the first four hours, if it was a "hot" theft, which means the car's owner saw you take it and quickly reported his car as having gone missing. Next, swap the license plate with a plate from an identical car... this works very well if the car you stole is a non-descript sedan, that, hopefully, the owner will not notice the swapped plate.And third...If you're a true sissy type candyass that gets all skeered and piddles in his britches whenever the cops are around, do us all a favor - get a job !!!


Holy crap, this moron doesn't comprehend the concept of 'Right to remain silent', does he? Oh well, he only has himself to blame when he spends the rest of his idiotic life behind bars.


Let me give you some background on this whacko. He drove into our worksite about 6 years ago, an 80 spot lot which happened to be fairly empty, he choose to park in one of 5 marked spots reserved for managers. As he approached the office, I was one of 4 guys sitting there......he was looking for the boss. I mentioned that before he found him he may want to repark. His immediate response was smartass with an underlying scary tone, I gave it back to him with a retort along the lines of " Wow, nice way to show up looking for work with that tude". Sure enuf, he gets hired and sets out over the next few years to alienate and bully his way around, Several incidents threatening death to other workers. One incident in a market parking lot with an old woman and a hit 'n run, another with one of our managers ( woman ) involved a vehement shouting match. Yet for some reason our boss not only continued to allow him to work, but also attempted to promote him. Several of us went in and tried to explain that this kook was a serious problem waiting to happen. To no avail, I'm afraid. Eventually, he would receive a positive job reference for seasonal work in the Phoenix area, where he assaulted his new boss when asked to leave, putting him n the hospital. Bragging he didn't care cuz he could come back to us and work anytime. Luckily, one of the employees of the man he assaulted called my boss's boss and explained the situation, the big guy made the right decision to cancel his employment permanently. He still made his way back here, where after being told to leave...left the rest of us loading weapons. And now, several years later, these 2 women have paid the price. Just take this garbage behind the barn and put a bullet in his head, save us the expense of a trial. He was a very scary individual then and I believe our 'lil community barely dodged an outcome that has just now come to light. I feel for the families involved and hope this asshole finds the ultimate justice.

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