Surprise Dad Tells Cops 14-Year-Old Stole Weed From His Son

Attention drug dealers: when your weed gets ripped off by a 14-year-old kid, the cops are the absolute last people you want to tell about it. A Surprise man apparently didn't get the memo.

Police arrested 35-year-old Sean Corwin earlier this week after they found him pounding on the front door of a Surprise home. When asked what he was doing, Corwin told cops he was trying to collect on a weed payment -- for his 14-year-old son.

Corwin told cops his son tried selling $400 worth of weed to another 14-year-old boy at a local park. The 14-year-old thought getting $400 worth of weed without actually paying for it was a better deal than forking over the cash and took off running when Corwin's son handed over the weed.

The 14-year-old likely thought "nobody would be dumb enough to tell the cops that someone stole weed from them." He was wrong.

Corwin's son apparently told his pops what had happened, which prompted him to drive to the other boy's home and demand payment. Then the cops showed up and Corwin thought they'd help him collect on the debt.

Cops helped Corwin find the weed, which was in the boy's home. Then they arrested him and the two minors.

Corwin's expected to face charges of possession of marijuana for sale, sale of marijuana to a minor, and possession of a firearm during a drug offense.

His son will likely be charged with possession of marijuana, and possession of marijuana for sale, while the other 14-year-old is expected to be charged with possession of marijuana.

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I agree that there are lessons here, but I don't think they need to be learned. I think it is entirely too late for these actors to learn anything.

J Curwen
J Curwen

As long as the little thief doesn't slide, all will be well. He deserves to be charged with unarmed robbery as well. Everybody deserves to learn a lesson here.

Somewhere else there might have been blood shed over this kind of sleaze. That would have been a harder lesson.

Jazmynn Megee
Jazmynn Megee

that 14 yr old kid aint no bitch he knows whats up he is just tryin to make a quick buck. that carwin dude shouldnt be havin his son sell bud for him then snitch to the cops dumb ass! ok i make my point byee.

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