Speeding Car Crashes Into Phoenix Home; Driver and Passenger Killed

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For the second time this week, a Valley speedster put the pedal a little too much to the metal -- and the consequences were fatal.

Police say two people were killed after their car crashed into a house on the corner of East Osborn Road and North 25th Street in Phoenix about 3 a.m. Friday.

Phoenix police Sergeant Tommy Thompson tells New Times that a 2006 Kia was traveling at "an extremely high rate of speed" before it lost control on Osborn, ending in a "nasty, nasty crash."

The car flipped and rolled several times, he says, and the occupants -- a 30-year-old male driver and 35-year-old woman passenger -- were both ejected from the car and died on the scene.

It's not yet clear whether either of the people in the car was wearing a seatbelt.

Thompson says, as the vehicle lost control, it went through the yard of one house, crossed over a street, and went through the yard of the house it crashed into, breaking through a block wall and landing in a bedroom.

The residents of the home, a couple who Thompson says have lived there for "many, many years," were not injured.

The woman who was in the bedroom just before the crash had left the room "a matter of seconds" before the Kia came crashing in, probably sparing her life, he says.

"If she hadn't just gotten up ... there's a high likelihood she would have been injured, if not killed," Thompson says.

It's possible that impairment of the driver played a role in the crash, he says.

The names of the driver and passenger have not yet been released.

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Speeding tickets Toronto
Speeding tickets Toronto

That's right Lonesome.... unfortunately most driver speed way over the limit and don't realize that this could have ugly consequences. People can die or get hurt and usually the ones that are injured are innocent.  The same thing happened here because I'm sure that passenger told the driver to be careful....


thats what he gets for driving like that. DEATH.


you can kiss my ass lonseome, my brother was not driving 'like that' you prick. Were you there? Did you see the crash and what caused it???? Well his roommate DID because he was driving right behind him and watched his best friend DIE. stop and think of the family's of these two people before you dump the crap that is in your head on the internet were they can all see it

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