Sheriff Paul Babeu Vs Feds In Endless Jibber Jabber

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So, according to Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu, armed conflict between his deputies and members of the Mexican drug cartels are imminent, probably "in the next 30 to 60 days."
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Paul Babeu
Yet, on the heels of that prediction, here's a concurrent story in which Alan Bersin, the head of the federal Customs and Border Protection agency crows that a previously little-known task force of U.S. and Mexican police forces have teamed to seize record numbers of drugs and undocumented immigrants--and have focused much attention on Babeu's own jurisdiction about 70 miles north of the border.

The words political and gamesmanship come to mind.

Bersin studiously mentioned the feds' presence in the Vekol Valley, south of Interstate 8 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend in Pinal County--yup, that's where former deputy Louie Puroll said he got shot by a gang of dopers last year in what turned into quite a story.

That remote and well-documented smuggling zone (we've spent some time out there--don't go bird-watching in the area for the foreseeable future!) is precisely where Babeu says his SWAT team is primed to start shooting if (he says when) they come upon some bad guys and their dope or whatever.

We can guarantee this:

More face time for Paul on Fox News, where he has become a fixture (surely to the dismay of veteran narcissist Sheriff Joe Arpaio), and an "incident" out in the desert that may or may not be blown way out of proportion by an embedded "news team" of some sort.

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He looks like Tucson psycho killer and penis head Jared Laughner just older. same bald penis head look. that look is so yesterday.

Southern  Kinfolk
Southern Kinfolk

He could be a Sheriff Joe Arpaio JUNIOR in the making. or he is waiting for Joe to kick the bucket and die so he can take over Maricopa county. no im not a psychic but i play one on comment lines.

Walter Concrete
Walter Concrete

A disgusting example of misuse of a Sheriif's power by a future front runner for jackass of Arizona. A Sheriff in this US of A has more power than the federal government in his county. He's the top dog and could do a lot of good if wasn't he's a prima donna who looks like he used to sing for the B-52's.


This guy is too media happy but also he is just not that smart andit will come back and bite him. I look for him to be careless in his gusto for fame and go the way of his little duputy but with more fanfare/bigger embarrassment to himself.

Really Disgusted with Babeu
Really Disgusted with Babeu

It's UNCOSCIONABLE for Babau to be forcasting an imminent shoot out with smugglers. Voicing concerns is understandable, but...

It's part of his job to make sure that these kind of situations DO NOT occur. A press release stating it WILL happen shows clearly he's less interested in doing his job and more interesting in exploiting this "opportunity" for all its attention grabbing political "value."

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