Safeway Worker Arrested for Torching Phoenix Store (Cue Milton Waddams Clip)

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Eli Rabago
An employee at a Phoenix Safeway was arrested yesterday for allegedly setting fire to the store last week, causing more than $100,000 in damages.

Eli Rabago, 18, was arrested yesterday for starting last Wednesday's blaze at the Safeway near 32nd Street and Thunderbird Road.

Rabago has reportedly worked at the store since October of last year as a courtesy clerk. By all accounts, he was a good employee -- until recently.

In the weeks prior to the fire, Rabago's managers reported several small incidents -- then there was the big incident, where Rabago allegedly set the store on fire.

Authorities say the fire was started in the back of a storage room. Someone saw Rabago playing with a lighter, and video surveillance footage helped lead authorities to his door.

Rabago faces one count of arson of an occupied structure. His next court appearance is scheduled for March 8.

And without further ado, the most legendary disgruntled employee/arsonist in cinematic history, Milton Waddams:

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