Pinal County Perv Tells Cops He Can't Stop Molesting Little Girls

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Salvador Valentin can't stop molesting little girls.
A Pinal County pervert admitted to police that he can't stop molesting little girls and he needs to go to jail -- that was only after police suspected him of molesting a 9-year-old family friend.

The Pinal County Sheriff's Office got information that 72-year-old Salvador Valentin had molested the 9-year-old daughter of some family friends. They spoke to the girl who told police Valentin had molested her on several occasions over the past three years.

Valentin turned himself into the cops, saying he "wanted to get some relief for the crimes I committed."

Then he spilled his guts.

Valentin told cops he gets sexual gratification just by looking at young girls. He told police he'd molested three other children over the past 30 years in Maricopa County, New York, and Rhode Island.

Valentin told cops he'd planned on taking his mobile home and traveling to California but wanted to "come in first and confess to get this off [his] chest."

Valentin's been booked on 25 counts of child molestation for the abuse of the girl in Pinal County. Detectives are working with other law enforcement agencies to try and identify the other victims. More charges are pending, police say. 

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I'm thinking he should join a synagogue. He would fit right in.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

No Tommy, I don't think he will be taking that trip to Cali anytime "soon". He's 72, and charged with 25(or more) felony counts.

I'm assuming his next trip is into the unknown, should he pass on while incarcerated.

But nonetheless, he did the right thing by turning himself in. If only more "Pervs" did the same......

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

It's good he turned himself in. It appears this guy might NOT be an undocumented worker from another country. Thus, he would never have been caught. It seems MCSO and Pinal S.O. are using most of their resources to appease the Tea Party and Republicans of Arizona, trying to cement another four years of wearing a row of four stars on the collar.

It appears this subject may not be taking that trip to California soon...

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