Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik Praised and Cursed in Thousands of E-mails Received Days After Giffords Shooting

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Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik received more than 5,000 e-mails in the three days following the January 8 Tucson massacre

Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has nearly become a household name across the country following his emotional, public statements that talk radio and "vitriol" spurred the January 8 Tucson massacre.

Right-wingers were driven to a frenzy by the implication that their side's rhetoric somehow caused Jared Loughner to shoot 20 people. A campaign to recall the Democratic sheriff has been started -- and ignored by local media, according to local blogger Greg Patterson. (We double-checked Greg's work -- indeed, the Arizona Republic has given short-shrift to the recall effort.)

Lefties, meanwhile, perceived Dupnik's statements as spot-on and "courageous."

If you want to read a mountain of opinions about Dupnik, scroll down for a link to about 5,200 e-mails his office received from January 8 to January 11, (a cyber-tsunami that nearly crashed computers at the sheriff's office, Dupnik told the Washington Post.)

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Critics viewed Sheriff Dupnik's statements denouncing right-wing "vitriol" as nothing more than left-wing vitriol.

Here's a sampling:

Dear Sheriff Dupnik, Your bravery in speaking out about the unrestrained and irresponsible rhetoric used by several high profile politicians, for nothing more than personal political advantage with complete disregard for the consequences, is deeply appreciated by most Americans. How anyone can talk about "reloading" and taking up arms against elected officials and judges in one breath, then pretend to be patriotic in another, is incredible. Thank you for exposing those whose words and activities undermine the values on which this country was founded. Sincerely, Michael Gilmore


I just wanted to applaud you, Sheriff Dupnik, for having had the external genitalia to comment on the venomous political ranting which pervades the nation. While I realize Arizona isn't ENTIRELY populated by gun-toting, racist, Limbaugh-loving galoots, I confess I'm thrilled to have heard one in a high-profile, public place, who has called it like it is. I'm grateful you're there, and my shameful characterizations of agry, McCain-nasty, dismissive, racist, intolerant, Arizonans is now offset by your courage and sanity. Isn't it ironic that two comedians who report "fake news" on Comedy Central exhorted the country to tamp it down last October. It's all completely out of whack: a former slezoid House leader goes to prison, a centrist Congresswoman in Arizona goes to ICU, a vacuous Alaska Barbie doll goes to make-up for the next shot, Limbaugh goes to the bank, and Fox News staff stick to head shots so their clown shoes are out of view; the unknowns rush to stop a crazy killer, take a bullet for a loved one, and tell it like it is. Good for them, good for you. Thanks for your backbone, Sir! drjillshackford@gmail.com


So very sorry you shot your mouth off over the weekend about those of us whose politics are different than yours. That doesn't make you anything but contemptible. HOW DARE YOU assume we are the bad guys. I have every right to be very angry at you and those who would tear the constitution apart and are so forgetful about your party's hate speech. REMEMBER the bulls eyes? Wallow in your own type of hate...you are no different than the ones you blame. I sure hope they vote you out of office. David Tester


As a former Law Enforcement Officer I have to say that Sheriff Clarence Dupnik is a disgrace to the badge. He took an oath to uphold the law yet now he uses this shooting and the media as a political tool to attack the 1st Amendment? He should be removed from office!! Are all the victims Democrats? Are all the victim's families in favor of his rhetoric? He doesn't know that answer so shut his mouth and do his job of prosecuting the offender.


Any reason why you're moronic Sheriff is calling out Rush Limbaugh? Hey idiot - the guy was a leftwing nut job. Your dumb ass should be removed from your position immediately. How absolutely repulsive - your department should be damn ashamed. STEP DOWN you slime ball.


This is for THE BRAVE STAND-UP GUY, THE HONORABLE CLARENCE DUPNIK! You are so right Sir. It is prejudice, hatred, and bigotry, sad to say but that is the direction this Great U. S. of A is going. Every since President Obama was elected to serve in the white house. Hatred prejudice and bigotry has reared it ugly head! I am a 60 years old grand mother who lives in Sibley, Louisiana. My state is shameful. They voted Vitters back in. We all know what he did. He campaigned on going to Washington to work with the president. You would have thought that President Obama was running for an office. How many of us in the "real world" can say: We want the job....but we do not plan to do any work after we are hired....but we want to get paid." That is the kind of foolishness that is going on Washington. The likes of palin, beck, hennity, rush, and that tea party bunch, has fuel the hatred. They are all satan workers in my book. I bet you dollars to donuts if you shave their heads it will reveal. You know how folks write on money, well, I got a dollar that had written on it - sarah palin is the anti christ. Shave her head-666. I believe it. I have written little excerpts about her and that tea party. Where were they when bush was running this country into the ground like a kid with an inheritance. Starting an unnecessary wars.Getting young folks killed. Then he cuts taxes. Any fool knows that taxes pays for a war. Well, I guess it is time for me to get down off my soap box. But I get mad. However, keep up the good work Sheriff! P. S. My husband is a Lieutenant with the Minden Police Department. Sad to say he will be hanging up his guns at the end of the year. - Shirley Shed


This is addressed to Sheriff C.W. Dupnik. My husband and I own property in Arizona and planned to retire to the Tucson area. Your recent words and behavior in TV appearances has created serious doubts in our minds about the caliber of law enforcement in Pima County. Anyone who would make accusations without evidence is either trying to clear his own name and the quality of his own job OR is unfit to be in ANY responsible position in law enforcement. You have given a great state and a fine community a black eye and are an embarrasment to this country. Please RESIGN before you do more harm!


Are you serious?? This poor woman is seriously injured and other are dead, and all you want to do as as Sheriff is act on YOUR own political motives?? How disgraceful you are. You are a damn fool and an idiot!


This comment comes from a sane and liberal citizen from Kansas City. There are two fruitcakes, that I know of, in Tucson - one is a lunatic who committed a horrible act on Saturday and the other is your sheriff who would blame one side of the political spectrum for this unbalanced act. I think your sheriff needs to keep his mouth shut. I'll wager he didn't blame my party when Presidents Reagan and Ford were shot. Your sheriff comes across as someone who is too arrogant and too old to hold a public position. Please pass this on to to him.


I just want to say how much I appreciate Sheriff Dupnik speaking honestly about guns and violent discord in our country. Thank you for speaking up, you speak for many, many people. The powerful threatening language in our politics promotes this and it makes me afraid to speak up. I am grateful for you! Sincerely, Barbara McCrae Rhode Island


I'm a retired Lieutenant of the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department with over 33 years of experience, which includes dealing with the news media and administrative duties in the department. I take great offense of Sheriff Dupnick's using a tragedy to politisize his personal opinion on the national media. He is a disgrace to law enforcement officers everywhere in his unfactual statements for his own political hype. I hope the voters of Pima County rally to defeat him in the next election.


Just saw Sheriff on ABC news. The only fool today is Rush. The Sheriff was right on. I totally agree. People like Rush throw matches into gasoline. Whether this idiot got inspiration from today's awful rhetoric or not, it certainly doesn't help the situation. There are a lot of crazies out there. My thanks to the sheriff for so clearly stating my belief, as well. Harris Guilmette


I wanted to commend Sheriff Dupnik on his thoughtful comments regarding those in the media who fan the flames of hatred, paranoia and anger. I am sure his comments will bring a great his way, but he certainly deserves credit for taking a stand. Sheriff Dupnik, I am personally very proud that when presented with an opportunity to comment you stood up and said what needed to be said. Sincerely, Glenn S. Anderson Michigan State Senator


I am changing my nice comment from earlier, you are a hot pile of steaming shit. You are a disgrace to the uniform and have thrown gasoline on a hot fire. I would like to bitch slap you if it were possible. rot in hell you bastard

We didn't have the patience for a proper tally, but the two sides seem to run about 50-50 in these e-mails.

Click here for the Excel spreadsheet of e-mails we received from Pima County.

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He Ain't No Sheriff Joe !!!
He Ain't No Sheriff Joe !!!

Sheriff Clarence Dupnik,You are my kind of copper. You speak your heart and are not the opportunistic prick that pretends to be sheriff of the State's capitol city.And as far as that fat-ass opiate addict Rush Limbaugh is concerned, he was a worthless swine until his lardassed obseqiousness got him a radio program... now he's a wealthy worthless swine, whose opinion is - well - worthless.Keep up the fight, Sheriff.

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