Phoenix Woman Murdered. Suspect May be Driving Her Car

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A car similar to this one belongs to a murdered Phoenix woman.
The Phoenix Police Department is asking the public's help in tracking down the person who murdered a Phoenix woman in her home yesterday. The suspect, police say, may be driving around in the victim's car.

About 4 p.m. yesterday, Phoenix police were called to a house in the 28600 blockof North 46th Place regarding "unknown trouble."

When they got there, officers found 62-year-old Anne Marie Simenson with obvious signs of trauma. She later died.

Simenson lived in the home with her current boyfriend, who police say is not currently considered a suspect in the murder.

Cops also discovered that Simenson's car was taken, and authorities believe whoever took the car may be involved, or witnessed, the murder.

The car is described as a red 2005 Toyota Solera convertible with a black top and Arizona plate number C9590.

If you've seen the car, call the cops -- but don't approach the occupants, they could be dangerous.

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Haole Surfer
Haole Surfer

i bet the killer is a clean shaven short haired white yuppie male 30 to 50+years old. they use that clean shaven short haired yuppie look to hide the evil that lurks inside their dark souls. dont believe me? look at police mugshots. ladys you have been warned about men like this.


i saw 2 hispanic guys riding in one yesterday.

Haole Surfer
Haole Surfer

you dont see alot of long haired bearded bad guys in police mugshots. guys like that are mellow and happy. clean cut clean shaven yuppie guys are mean and violent and beat kill and rape women and children.

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