Phoenix Councilwoman Peggy Neely Wants Sheriff Joe to Support Her Bid for Mayor

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Councilwoman Peggy Neely

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio has seen better days -- what with those allegations of corruption and criminal activity in his office, that scandal with the Sheriff's Command Association, those politically motivated investigations against judges and county supervisors by him and his pal, ex-County Attorney Andy Thomas, and ...

Well, all that skulduggery doesn't matter to everyone. 

Councilwoman Peggy Neely, who want to be Phoenix's next mayor, wants Arpaio on her political team.

Neely, who has not made her bid for mayor official -- she is still running an "exploratory" campaign --has been working to nab some big names for her list of political endorsements.

(As soon as Neely makes her run for mayor official, she will have to resign from the City Council. The deadline for mayoral nomination papers is June 1.)

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Sheriff Joe Arpaio

A few months ago, Neely stopped by Arpaio's office and asked for his endorsement. But she walked out empty-handed.

Apparently, Neely was the person Arpaio was referring to when he told Arizona Republic columnist E.J. Montini in November that:

"Just last week I had someone in my office who is running for mayor of Phoenix," he says. "If I'm taking so much heat, why are they still coming to my office for endorsements?"

Like Neely, "they" may be after his endorsements, but Arpaio doesn't plan to give it up that easily.

"I don't know what I'm going to do," Arpaio told New Times. "I haven't made any decisions."

Arpaio said he just ran into Wes Gullet, another candidate in the Phoenix mayor's race, at a couple of events and he, too, has asked for Arpaio's support.

Gullett said he is asking everyone for support, and was recently at a Tea Party shindig (along with Councilman Claude Mattox, also in the mayor's race) looking for a little political love.

Former Councilman Greg Stanton, another contender for Phoenix mayor, and Mattox both told New Times they have not sought Arpaio's endorsement.

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If anyone asks for Bozo Jose's support and endorsement, that alone should be reason enough NOT to vote for them.

Dave Francis
Dave Francis



Just like the Great Land Rush of the 19th century, hundreds of thousands even millions of illegal aliens will be fleeing different States enacting policing laws. Idaho, Florida Utah, Missouri, Texas, North Carolina, Maryland, Tennessee, Minnesota and of course the great State of Arizona, who is battling for survival in the biased-oriented court system.,In swarms they will be loading their trucks, packing their families and leaving less hospitable locations. They are heading they think to other States with easy welfare pickings, with brought and sold legislators where the laws are not enforced. Even the cash strapped, Sanctuary State of California has numerous counties ready to embark with E-Verify, as a mandatory verification warning to foreign nationals you better not apply for a job here, as the business owner is unlikely to take the risk of losing his business license. Other States are introducing laws including the federal 287 (g) law to train local police in arrest and detain suspicious individuals on hold for ICE agents.

Secure Communities a program that expedites fingerprints gathered by local law enforcement agencies to the FBI and then through a federal (ICE) immigration database to identify undocumented immigrants. Over a thousand jurisdictions in 40 States and others ready to participate. All these enforcement programs cost millions of dollars, but it touches nowhere near the hundreds of billions of dollars extracted from your taxes to support illegal aliens. The border remains frighteningly open and their is no program to guarantee that foreign airline passengers will leave after their entry visa expires? American immigration laws have been mocked since the 1986 amnesty law by both the US Government and the businesses that hire discount labor. If their was a real effort by any administration to halt the illegal alien invasion, any illegal invader would be facing a felony, not a stupid minor infraction.

I joined the Tea PARTY as more and more taxes are being taken, to support the education, health care and other social welfare programs in pandering to the illegal immigrants. I am also an activist of the million plus membership of NumbersUSA pro-sovereignty organization, that allows free faxes to your resident State Representative or even the leadership in Washington. You can also contact your politicians through the Switchboard in DC at 202-224-3121. Their is a Pdf file "Illegal Aliens and American Medicine."that every American should assimilate. It will probably give you heartburn and the billions of dollars we are paying to support health care for illegal aliens, that should be going in the pensions of old American warriors, OUR senior citizens, OUR homeless, Our blind, our sick, handicapped and those citizens living in poverty. This is just part of the deception and collusion of our legislators, who have been corrupted by special interests. We should bring our military home from Afghanistan, Iraq and other support bases, and place them along the US border, Canadian border fully armed with orders to fire.

Illegal immigrant states like Texas New York State and Illinois's, specially in California and Nevada, has no real ID verification where there was massive voter fraud through absentee ballots use; I truly believe.


I could probably find it if I looked hard enough, but............

I was going to send an email to her letting her know that Arpaio's endorsement would render her unsupportable by my vote in the election. Her website has links to donate money, but no link to send Peggy a message. Her Facebook page has messaging turned off. I just decided her inaccessibility is Strike 2. I could probably find a way to get a message to her, but with politicians, access is important. Difficult access for a councilperson is a characteristic red flag.

I don't feel proper about sending an election related email to her City of Phoenix email address.


Are you just going after brown people, or other colors, we have a lot of different colored, people here, they are not supposed to be in this country, why dont you get cards with finger prints,and let some people that have a heart, and children, want a better life get a plan of action, iam sure one of your great great great great, grandfathers, came over here ilegal these people are paying thousands of dollars, to have a better life,why not pay us and give them a chance, why did God make us different, you will be judge in the end, yes get rid of the dope give people some hope.

Truth to Power
Truth to Power

So Nealy wants the endorsement of an ineffective, eight-figure taxpayer-money-wasting, over-the-hill, law enforcement has-been who's reportedly near indictment for stuff like obstruction of justice, racial profiling, and abuse of power? This just shows how desperate Republicans are for name recognition. They have to use an old coot like Arpaio to get their names in the paper.

Hey Peggy, so what have you done for the residents of Phoenix? How about running on your record instead of Arpaio's? It's not like he's done our city any favors, other than damage the town's reputation, made it unfriendly to foreign tourism, and made us look like a backwater of 1960's Mississippi.

Good luck with that campaign strategy.


My standard policy as of about 10 years ago is to vote by mail One thing I do every time is check every candidate to see if they are endorsed by Arpaio. If a candidate is endorsed by Arpaio, I will not vote for that candidate, even if they are running unopposed. As Arpaio's corruption is more and more visible, I am sure that more people are also rejecting Arpaio's endorsement.

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