Munnell Memo Investigation Complete, Report Due in a Week or So, Says Spokesman for Sheriff Paul Babeu

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is finished with his investigation into the Munnell Memo and plans to release a report within the next couple of weeks, says a spokesman

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu's office has finished an investigation into alleged misconduct by high-ranking Maricopa County Sheriff's Office employees, says a spokesman for Babeu.

Allegations in an internal memo penned by by Deputy Chief Frank Munnell, which surfaced in September, zeroed in on Sheriff Joe Arpaio's chief deputy, David Hendershott, but also mentioned Captain Joel Fox, of SCA infamy, and other colorful characters working for Arpaio. 

The Pinal sheriff's spokesman, Tim Gaffney, wouldn't give us a hint of the findings, saying the public will have to wait until Babeu releases a report on the matter "later next week or the week after." (That's if it's not delayed further by Babeu's predicted "showdown" in the desert.)

Babeu's keeping other secrets for now, too. Investigators interviewed nearly 50 people, Gaffney says -- yet Gaffney won't let on whether Sheriff Joe Arpaio was one them.


hendershott honduras crop.jpg
David Hendershott

Of course, some say Babeu's conclusions won't be worth the months-long wait. Babeu took the case because Arpaio, his political ally, handed it to him.

Maricopa County Supervisors Don Stapley and Mary Rose Wilcox, who were indicted following tainted investigations by the offices of Arpaio and former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, publicly denounced Babeu's attempt at an investigation. From an East Valley Tribune article at the time:


"If the investigation comes out favorably to Sheriff Arpaio, the investigation will be dismissed as a political whitewash," Wilcox said. "If Mr. Babeu issues a scathing indictment of Mr. Hendershott, it will be seen as an attempt to put the blame on Hendershott and build a wall around the sheriff, protecting him."

Wilcox was recently exonerated of a felony case that Arpaio's dream team cooked up after reading an article in Phoenix Magazine.

Yeah, it's possible that Babeu will simply allow Hendershott to be Arpaio's fall guy, leaving the Maricopa sheriff without obvious dirt on his uniform.

Still, after all those interviews, Babeu's report should at least be entertaining.

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What part of "corruption" don't you understand?

Now that Baubeau has gotten Fox, Hendy and Black (likely Arpaio as well) off scott free with his misuse of the Garrity Rule, how long can we taxpayers to pay for the salaries of this scum while they lounge around at PIR on their "paid administrative leave" (READ: VACATION!) positions.


If the evidence pointed at Arpaio, Baueu might find it politically expedient to dethrone the old fart. He was voted Shurf of the year. What could be better than standing on truth and toppling America's Toughest Shurf?

I don't have a clue what the evidence says or even what the specific scope of the investigation that Arpaio ordered from Pinal County. Perhaps Arpaio asked him to look at Hendershott, Black and Fox. But, Babeu could have a much greater stage is the old increasingly irrelevant Shurf as pushed out.

On the other hand, if Babeu finds that Arpaio is clear and the Federal investigation finds that these same incidents were felonious behavior, that could well look pretty poorly on Babeu. I think he is probably smart enough to not let that come back and bite him.


Babeu is a three year cop wtih no detective experience and unqualified to take a CPS sergeant a sheriff and investigating Arpaio?. Babeu was a national guard social worker with no combat waging war with the elusive cartel?

As for his investigations, (PCSO) Lt. Kaye Dickson was suspended and investigated for 13 months by Babeu. Babeu finally admitted publicly that he had nothing on her and she was reinstated. And that was with two investigations, one by MCSO and one by a private investigator. Who did Paul hire to do this investigation for Arpaio?

Babeu's finest investigated Puroll and his shooting by letting him narrate what happened. No real questions asked.

The final product ought to be good.


Lets see, a fox raids the chicken coop, gets caught and then is judged by a jury of other foxes.

That all this whitewash is, just that...a whitewash that will be filled with nothing but bullshit.


Well well, so Babeu DID "investigate" Hendy, Fox and Black....

With all the shit emanating from his police agency, Babeu should be the LAST sheriff conducting an investigation. Just look at the Puroll case, for example:

Baboon stands by his "wounded" deputy (I suspect he burned himself with his M-16) and claims, with NO corroboration, that illegals "wounded" Puroll. Babeu then says in January that Puroll was "fired" for intimidating Mr. Rubin with the death threat, and ignoring drug cartels working out of Pinal County.

Then, Baboon shows classic Flaccid Fool symptoms (Alzheimiers is most visible) when he appears on TV to decry Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik for the Giffords shooting. We ALL know Dupnik had nothing to do with it, even though the city of Tucson has its own police force.

Yup, Baboon is one to talk. In fact, he should take his brainless bald head back to North Adams, MA where he is from. I fully believe that he is too dimwitted and clueless to actually be a police officer. I also fully believe that he will exonerate the Ancient One, Fat Bastard, Fox and Black, and pin the liability directly on Munnell. He is also following in the footsteps of his "fired"deputy, Puroll, by staging another "shootout" in the desert. What an embarrassment this fool is to real police officers who actually do their job!

I wonder if Babeu knows that Fox rolled on Hendy in the SCA scandal to save his own sorry ass from indictment and perp-walk. I also wonder if Baboon knows that the shit's really goona hit the fan once Hendy, Fox and Black are fully re-instated by the Flaccid Fool of MCSO and Munnell gets the boot.


This ought to be interesting. Paul Babeu has been upstaging Arpaio all this time and Arpaio has not lashed out once with snooty remarks (YET) so I'm interested to see if the report will be disparaging towards Arpaio and lets see Arpaio unleash all the venom he's saved against his "Media Competition"

Someone pass me the popcorn!

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Mr. Stern,

I have NO expectation that Babeu, or his minions, has the intestinal fortitude to actually deliver an objective assessment of the facts of a complete and fair investigation.

I fully expect the report to say that Hendy made some bad decisions, but nothing indicates that he intended to do anyone any harm. I also expect the report to exonerate his good friend, the Flaccid Fool of MCSO, from any knowledge of any corruption or criminal activity.

Until the names and bios of the members of the actual investigative 'team' are released, we the taxpayers and voters, have no reason to expect anything short of a whitewash from Babeu. We can all recall that Babeu is the same guy who fervently stands behind Louie Puroll and the legendary Vekoll Valley Almost Shootout from last April. Even after Babeu fired the guy for shooting off his mouth and sharing blatant untruths with Mr. Rubin, included implied death threats and implications of attempted bribes by criminals.

Time will tell and I will be the first to say I'm wrong. I hope I get to.


Yes Tommy, we can expect nothingn short of whitewash from Baboon.

Did anyone else read that Hendy, along with Candy Ass Thomas and Lisa Aubuchon, is suing Maricopa County for, amongst other things, "damaged health?" He wants $14M because he's overweight, abused his powers as Chief Deputy, and had his AZPOST certification yanked.

Aubuchon wants $22.5M for, amongst other things, damaged health, cashing out her retirement funds, and difficulty setting up shop elsewhere.

The Flaccid Fool's mentally unstable right nut wants $23.5M for, amongst other things, losing the Republican primary for AZ attorney general, lost earning capacity, difficulty setting up shop elsewhere, and other stupidity I can't remember.

Then, MCSO Cmdr. Bob Rampy sues us for unspecified damages for, amongst other things, "tarnished reputation."

I don't think you are wrong in your analysis Tommy. I think you hit the nail right on the head.

Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

XS, I can only hope Babeu proves me wrong. But I won't hold my breath waiting...

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