Morality Patrol: State Senator Linda Gray Wants to Make You Wait Longer to Get Divorced

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Has your spouse made your life a living hell? Want out of the marriage as quickly as possible? There's an alternative to homicide called divorce, and the morality cops over at the Arizona State Legislature want to make it as hard, drawn-out, and painful as humanly possible.

For the second time in as many years, state legislators have introduced a bill that would force those miserably married couples to wait longer to become officially divorced.

Last year's bill, introduced by Republican state Representative Nancy Barto, would have required people to wait six months before their divorces could be finalized. This year's bill, introduced by state Senator Linda Gray, isn't quite that long, but extends the amount of time it currently takes to officially get divorced from two months to four months.

The purpose of the extension is to prolong people's misery give people more time to reconsider whether they want to get divorced at all.

As we mentioned last year when Barto introduced her bill, Arizona's divorce rate in 2008 was nearly 64 percent, so perhaps a better law would be a six-month waiting period for people to get married.

Read the full bill here.

We left a message for Senator Gray to try and find out why she thinks it's her job to tell us when we can and can't get divorced. We'll let you know if she gets back to us.

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This will be really grat abused women, or those who are finally getting out of bad marriages after twenty years. Thanks, Linda, for helping us women out.

James King
James King

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"...perhaps a better law would be a six-month waiting period for people to get married."

There you go!


What they need to do is take away the limitation of liability for these corporations and other business entities. This one government subsidy to the stock owners of these corporations is the greatest single subsidy the taxpayers fund AND is the reason for all the regulatory agencies we taxpayers have to fund. If the corporations want to be considered individuals with rights (Citizen United), then they should also take on the responsibility we individual taxpayers shoulder should we screw up.

If we take away the limitation of liability for corporations, the number of people who invest in businesses of people with bad marriages would decrease as they are riskier than people's business with good marriages as they are more stable emotionally.

But NO, these whack-job legislators want to take away more rights of individuals rather than disturb their irresponsible state subsidized corporate masters.

Christopher Town
Christopher Town

What the heck does this have to do with corporate tax code? Stay on track, my friend. You're exposing your obsession....

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