Montana Lawmakers Vote to Repeal Medical Pot; Arizona's Prop 203 Probably Safe From Similar Fate

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Montana's House of Representatives voted today, mainly along party lines, to repeal the state's voter-approved medical marijuana program. It seems doubtful that Governor Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat, will go along with the plan -- even if this really isn't his pot card.

Montana's State House of Representatives voted overwhelmingly yesterday to repeal that state's 2004 voter-approved medical marijuana initiative

The repeal bill still needs to go before the State Senate -- and faces possible veto by Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer, a Democrat. But the vote, even though it fell sharply along party lines, was seen as a minor victory by pot prohibitionists in Arizona and nationwide.

"It's a great sign for those of us who truly believe that marijuana isn't medicine," says Carolyn Short, who helped lead the unsuccessful "No on 203" campaign in Arizona.

Short claims that Arizona's Legislature could repeal Prop 203 or change it, despite the 1998 Voter Protection Act.

Not possible, says Andrew Myers, front man for the group that put Prop 203 on the ballot.

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This innocent-looking bud could cause children to prostitute themselves, according to Montana's House Speaker, Mike Milburn.

Not only does the Voter Protection Act require a three-quarter majority of lawmakers to mess with a voter-approved initiative, Myers says, but any change must advance -- not water down -- the initiative.

Lawmakers "really have no power here," Myers boasts.

Another factor that can't be ignored by Arizona lawmakers is that the Voter Protection Act was ratified by voters after lawmakers in 1996 messed with a voter-approved medical pot measure. The upshot for marijuana supporters is that Prop 203 is probably radioactive, from a political point of view.

Speaking of politics, the vote in Montana was nothing but. Only one Democrat voted for the repeal.

And get a load of the socially conservative, propaganda-like rhetoric:

Montana House Speaker Mike Milburn calls the spread of marijuana in the state a "totally uncontrolled epidemic" and a scourge, according to an article in the Montana Missoulian. Milburn also passes along a highly suspicious rumor from an unnamed school principal that legalized medical pot has led to children "prostituting their own selves to gain access to drugs."

Utter hogwash, if you ask us.

Still, such sentiments show that the future of Prop 203 is far from assured. As observers know, the vote was a close one.

"Of course" marijuana opponents will try to put a repeal of Prop 203 on the ballot in 2012 if the law remains intact by then, Short says.

No new political committee has been formed; Short says it's still "unclear" whether lawmakers would -- or could -- try to tinker with Prop 203.

"We're still trying to figure out how to negate the impact of this law, or to get rid of it all together," she says.

As Montana's experience shows, the skies could be turbulent for Arizona's burgeoning medical pot industry.

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"...a highly suspicious rumor from an unnamed school principal that legalized medical pot has led to children "prostituting their own selves to gain access to drugs.""

What is most alarming about this is the thought of a school principal who is unable to properly speak simple English.


Montana has an "out of control" cannabis "epidemic"? Why isn't there even one single Merrywanna Anonnymouse" meeting in the entire State?


Well we can see how bad it is in Arizona. There are actually 4 meetings every week for the entire State.http://www.marijuana-anonymous...

Maybe you guys commute to Nevada? Nope, zero, nada, none, void, null.http://www.marijuana-anonymous... ROFL it's been 3 years since the Nevada page was updated.

New Mexico? Zero, lol. Utah? 2 per week, in Salt lake City. Some epidemic. Colorado? Oh wow, they've got 3 every week. Is Denver a short drive from Arizona?

Heck, in San Francisco, arguably the cannabis capital of the US, they don't even have enough Marywanana Anonnymice meetings to attend one every day. They've got 3 per week. So much for the old 90 in 90. Look it up, SF has over 700 AA meetings every week. Isn't this what happens when the gubmint refuses to protect the people from themselves? Doesn't this prove that drinking alcohol needs to be eliminated from society, just like we've eliminated cannabis?http://www.marijuana-anonymous...

OK, now San Diego has 5 meetings per week. Wow, now how many AA meetings do you think they have? Is SD a reasonable drive from Tucson, providing that you're not Hispanic?http://www.marijuana-anonymous...

No meetings in Tijuana either, or the entire country of Mexico for that matter.

11 MA meetings in the entire country of Canada. Not a 1 in British Columbia.

Oh this is just too funny. I'm going to be cracking up over this farce all night long. How in the world did Ms. Short and her fellow confidence artists talk so many people into believing in Merryjewanna "a dick shun"? Like H.L. Mencken said, no one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American (or Arizonian) public.


"God made rattlesnakes, man made fuzzy slippers"

Well the religionist snake handlers would rather hold their rattlesnakes in their hands. Can you change "fuzzy slippers" to "soothing hand cream"? TIA!

If you're going to protect me from myself, I demand that you do it. Why should I have to be at risk of becoming a drunken stumblebum because the government refused me to protect me from drinking alcohol? No Mr. Linkletter, the fact that some people drink without getting drunk is not enough reason to keep booze legal. People that drink without getting drunk can have near beer, or just learn to do without. There are people out here literally dying and worse from alcoholism because you refuse to protect them by decriminalizing likker. Why do you think they call it likker anyway?

If we're going to have a nanny state, then I'm entitled to be nannied. You can't nanny me only when it strikes your fancy, then just leave me in a playpen unattended while you go to the wine tasting to swish and spit.

I need to be protected 24/7/365 and I am entitled to the protection of my government from threats to my well being from myself. It is obvious that I am a clear and present danger to myself, and someone needs to take care of me.

Now get over here and change my diaper, I've made it all warm and squishy and filled with Know Nothing prohibitionist style excrementalism.

Matt McLaughlin
Matt McLaughlin

Republicans shouldn't anger marijuana fans; just ask Cooley.


God made Pot, Man made Liquor. who do you trust?

Johnny Rebel
Johnny Rebel

Cooley never lost his cool. a song by Wet Willie a southern hippie band from Alabama circa early 1970s.


Man may have made liquor, but fermentation has been around for hundreds and hundreds of millenia. Google "drunken elephants" for details.

Pithy sounding platitude, but simply untrue. Aside from that inappropriate when speaking of an issue with the gravitas of medical cannabis. Such frivolity around this issue only helps empowers scumbags like Ms. Short.


God made rattlesnakes, man made fuzzy slippers.

Which one do you want to wrap your feet in?

Shall we continue or are you willing to concede that natural doesn't mean safe?


I'd like to wrap at least one of my size tens in your enormous, gelatinous ass.



Chip Douglas
Chip Douglas

the guy didnt say smoke pot. he just said who made what? and who do you trust? its a question not an order to smoke pot. life is not safe either it kills us all in the end. no matter what we do Marcy we are all dead in the end. you need to mellow out before you blow a main female head spring.


Hell, we already live where the wang-doodles sing, we call them the legislature.

Johnny Rebel
Johnny Rebel


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