Missing Old Person Alert: 84-Year-Old Henry Morello

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If you've seen 84-year-old Henry Morello, call the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.
The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is asking the public's help in tracking down a missing Cave Creek man.

Henry Morello, 84, was last seen in the Cave Creek area. He drives a pale green 2007 Lexus SUV with Arizona license plate 207-YXG.

Morello's family is concerned because he suffers from dementia and diabetes, and requires medication.

Morello's described as a white male, with gray hair, brown eyes, and is about 5-foot-10.

Anyone with information about Morell's whereabouts is asked to call MCSO Detective Marshall at 602-876-1011.

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Hank's rescue is almost a week old now and I've been reviewing the Internet information posted by the news channels. It's really sad how they twist the truth to sensationalize the news. Even this site says he was found full of wiper fluid which is far from true. He mearly used the fluid to wet his lips and inside his mouth. He probably ingested a little doing this, but he was far from FULL OF WIPER FLUID!! This has been a good example of the media simply wanting to sensationalize the news to get more interest from readers!!What I stated is fact because my friends and I were the first on site and made the intial discovery that he had tampered with the fluid container. God bless you Hank! We're praying for your health to continue improving!

June Luckett
June Luckett

This is actually my uncle. He has the beginning stages of dimentia. That comes with a great deal of stubborness and denial. Our family has been trying to get him to move back to Chicago, but he won't leave AZ - he's not at a point where anyone else can take over making decisions for him. Its a really difficult thing for elderly people to relinquish their independence. We are beside ourselves with worry right now and feel helpless.

Please, please keep him in your prayers and spread the word to everyone you know for my Uncle Hank's safe return.

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