Missing Goodyear Couple Found Dead in Yavapai County

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Thomas Watson and ex-girlfriend Tara Shermerhorn were found dead in Watson's truck this morning.
Officials from the Goodyear Police Department tell New Times that two bodies found this morning in Yavapai County are believed to be those of two people who were reported missing early Thursday morning.

The bodies, believed to be those of 43-year-old Thomas Watson and his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Tara Shermerhorn, were found dead inside Watson's truck south of Horse Thief Basin just after 10 a.m., Goodyear police spokesman Ralph McLaughlin says.
Watson was reported missing about 5 a.m. yesterday after his sister found a note at his home suggesting he was despondent. The note also gave instructions on disposing of his property.

Police tried to locate Watson, who was last seen driving a dark-blue 1999 Ford F150 with South Dakota plates of 59K090. His phone was "pinged" and was reportedly located near Interstate 17 traveling north of Phoenix. The phone has since been shut off.

Hours after Watson was reported missing, Shermerhorn also was reported missing by family members. She was last seen at her work Wednesday night about 9 p.m. Police believe she drove directly home from work because her car was parked at her house. Her phone was also "pinged," but appears stationary near the Crown King area in Yavapai County, police say.

McLaughlin says details about the deaths are limited at the moment; he would not yet comment on how the two died.

Check back to Valley Fever for updates.

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CC Armstrong
CC Armstrong

Why call them a "couple" when they clearly weren't anymore.


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Dark Man
Dark Man

I'm willing to wager on it that this is a classic case of a murder-suicide. The guy left a note. But why did he have to kill the lovely lady when he could just take his own life, is beyond me.


he killed her because he couldn't life life without her. no really i mean he killed her because he is a weak spoiled yuppie pussy. read my other comment.

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