Mesa Perv Who Drugged/Molested Girlfriend's Daughter Going to Prison -- For a Long Long Time

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They don't make 'em much perv-ier than William Riedel.
A Mesa pervert who convinced his girlfriend to help him drug and then molest her own daughter has been sentenced to a fairly lengthy prison sentence.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Paul McMurdie this morning sentenced William Lewis Riedel to 20 years in prison for sexual exploitation of a minor, and 15 years in prison for child molestation, attempted child molestation, attempted sexual exploitation of a minor and unlawful administration of drugs. The sentences are to run consecutively.

As far as perverts go, Riedel's crimes are about as sick as it gets.

Riedel, a former family counselor, convinced his girlfriend to feed her own daughter sleeping pills before the couple molested the 11-year-old girl several times over a three-month period in 2006.

After he was caught, Riedel told police he "groomed" the girls mother to participate in the molestation. He bought Ambien sleeping pills and had the girl's mother tell her it was allergy medicine.

In 2008, Riedel was engaged to a different woman, who had a daughter, too. The daughter of Riedel's fiancee, in fact, is the one who discovered photos on Riedel's computer of him and his former flame molesting the victim. In each photo, the girl appeared drugged or unconscious. The fiancee's daughter told her mother, who called the cops.

Police confiscated Riedel's computer and, aside from the images of Riedel molesting the victim, found numerous other images of kiddy porn.

Given Riedel's crimes, we have a feeling he stands to make some (ahem) great friends in prison.

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He'll no doubt make friends with (ahem) some Silverbacks in (ahem) Florence (amen).

I just couldn't stop myself
I just couldn't stop myself

As much as I despise 21st Century technology - computers - I will say this. There is nothing more effective at showcasing human mindlessness than the Internet.What kind of fucking idiot would document his filthy deeds on his computer hardware for someone to possibly later discover ? This occurs quite a bit. What are they going to do, create a personal shock library, and sit around in their underwear watching their ghoulishly foul histories in their retirement years ???Upon his release (provided no one offs him in the joint) he'll be old and maybe remanded to some old folk's home, where his foul ass could get raped by a creep who gets hard changing his diaper... that would be payback to be happy with : )


This could have been the worst crime on a child for 2011, but it took place in 2006. The asswipe deserves to rot behind bars. It can't get any sick than this, especially if the child's own mother is involved.

Haole Surfer
Haole Surfer

this guy is more proof to never trust a clean shaven short haired male. they use that clean cut short haired yuppie look to hide the evil that lurks deep down inside their dark souls. dont believe me? look at most police mugshots and see for yourself. you dont see many long haired bearded bad guys you see clean cut bad guys. long haired bearded guys are mellow and peaceful. clean cut yuppie guys are mean and violent. ladys you have been warned, clean cut yuppie looking men like this are dangerous to you and your life. alot of these types are killers and women beaters.

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