Institute for Political Civility Opens at U of A in Response to Tucson Shootings. Greta Van Susteren to Serve on Board

Greta Van Susteren
If any good came from the shooting rampage in Tucson last month, it's an institution opening today at the University of Arizona with the goal of getting politicos to tone down the rhetoric.

The National Institute for Civil Discourse opens today in Tucson. The organization is described as a "center for debate, research, education, and policy about civility in public discourse," and is in direct response to Jared Loughner's murderous rampage that left six dead, and 13, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, injured last month.

Loughner, by all accounts, suffers from mental illness, so it seems the tragedy in Tucson probably would have happened regardless of how civilly politicians act towards each other -- despite what Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik has to say about it. But he's probably right in saying the bickering between parties certainly didn't help things.

Greta Van Susteren announced on her blog yesterday that she would be serving on the board of the Institute.

"I received a call asking if I would serve on the newly created Institute Board and I jumped at the chance," she writes, noting that she encourages spirited debate that doesn't "get personal (or worse)."

Former presidents George H.W. Bush and Bill Clinton will serve as honorary chairmen of the new Institute.

"Our country needs a setting for political debate that is both frank and civil," Bush says in a statement. In a statement from Clinton, he says that the new institute "can elevate the tone of dialogue in our country."

The Institute reportedly has about $1 million in funding, which will be used for things like organize conferences and other events aimed at toning down the rhetoric.

Click here for more information on the Institute.

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Isn't having Vonsusteren on the panel like turning the fox loose in the henhouse?

The Class West
The Class West

Some Arizona Class West Associates in Phoenix and Cave Creek sent out a release about this earlier. Possibly Mr. King got that message and later wrote this article. Apparently these Associates have no problem with the new initiative at U of A, but they have real problems with ex-Presidents Clinton and George H. W. Bush.

The attachment they refer to comes from a "Hodges and Associates" law firm in Pasadena, CA, and it really does implicate ex-President Bush in a theft from the U.S. Treasury. Big bucks - an astounding amount in the trillions, and they say that Clinton's involved.

The Associates said they will provide "irrefutable documentation" of their claims if you write . They also have evidence posted at and say Bush, Clinton, and even Russell Pearce and Joe Arpaio are co-conspirators in the worst global theft crimes in World history. This is big time if it's real and it sure looks real.

Here's the release,

"To The World Press: These are opinions based on known facts. Global murdering thieves BUBBA CLINTON and "Geezer G" BUSH, SENIOR are now honorary "Chair Thugs" at a University of Arizona "Center for Civil Discourse" formed after the TUCSON MURDERS that Clinton/Bush PROBABLY HELPED PERPETRATE! Please see Please see the attached HODGES LETTER for proof of GEEZER G's complicity with SOETORO/OBAMA in the theft of TRILLIONS from "We The People." "

James King
James King

Nope. I assure you, Billy boy, I delete every email you crack pots send me before I even read the subject.

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