Have You Seen Quintel Rich's Penis? Who Hasn't?

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If you meet Quintel Rich, there's a good chance you'll meet his penis, too.
Quintel Rich has a pretty infamous penis -- and he's not shy in showing it off.

Rich, a convicted sex offender, spent the better part of 2009 exposing his penis to unsuspecting victims. After a little prison time, Rich got right back into the swing of things and whipped it out in front of female strangers at least four times in the last month. He's since been arrested.

According to court documents obtained New Times, police were called at least 15 times about a man fitting Rich's description exposing himself in public between November of 2008 and May of 2009. He was ultimately arrested and charged with various crimes, including kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment, and public sexual indecency. He's also required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

Despite the hefty charges, Rich was granted probation, but blew it. He violated and was sent to the hoosegow for about a year.

After being released from the joint, Rich lived in California for a while, but he (and his penis) was spotted in Arizona on January 13, when police say he went into the gym at an apartment complex at 6161 West McDowell Road, whipped it out, and started masturbating in front of two women who were working out. He ejaculated into a napkin and left before police showed up.

A few weeks later, on February 4, Rich (and his penis) were spotted again, this time at a local business. Rich, police say, went into a dressing room, left the door open, and pulled it out. He showed his penis to a customer before fleeing when police were called. The owner of the store even identified him and told police who he was.

A couple days later, Rich (and his penis) made another appearance in Phoenix, this time at the office of an apartment complex at 6405 West McDowell Road.

Rich went into the office and said he was interested in leasing an apartment. A female leasing agent provided him with an application but said the office was about to close. Rich asked if he could hang out for a few minutes because he was waiting for his sister to pick him up. The leasing agent obliged and went into her office.

When she came out, there was Rich -- with his penis out and masturbating while staring into a mirror. Cops, again, were called, but Rich fled before he could be arrested.

But Rich (and his penis) came out of hiding long enough to whip it out and start masturbating in public one more time.

On February 15, police say Rich went into another leasing office at an apartment complex, this one at 2524 West Glenrosa Avenue. Like always, he pulled out his penis and started whackin' it.

Rich's M.O. was similar to the other instances, only this time, after asking for a lease application, he asked to use the bathroom. Rich, police say, went into the bathroom -- leaving the door wide open -- ripped off his shirt, and started to flex while looking into a mirror, all as employees were looking on. Then he pulled out his penis and started masturbating. Once again, he fled before police showed up.

All the victims identified Rich as the man who exposed himself in front of them, and he was eventually arrested.

Because he's a sex offender, and not living at the home in California at which he's registered, cops were concerned he was living in Phoenix without registering as a pervert -- which he was.

Rich's wife told cops he'd been living with her for three weeks, despite Rich telling police he was only in Phoenix for a few days. The manager of the apartment complex at which Rich had been living, however, told police he's been staying there since June of last year.

Rich has been charged with one count of public sexual indecency, and one count of failure to register as a sex offender.   

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I think that SOMEBODY needs a new hobby.


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this man has not pulled it out on the right person with a gun in hand. this act was sick.

Mario Stevenson
Mario Stevenson

Quintel...WTF, dude ? If you'd go to the bookstore on 24th & Jefferson you could whup it out with pride and probably get the damned thing serviced as well.

Mentally Murdered
Mentally Murdered

He's clearly in love with himself. As you can see, according to the article, he likes to look into the mirror and then jacks off while do so. He's sick in the brain.


Shesh, and I thought I was all wrapped up with my schlong, this guy really takes the cake!

But seriously--

It seems this guy has a mental disorder and needs treatment. Unfortunately for him the APA has staved from treating sexual dysfunctions (transsexual, homosexual, sexual OCD, etc.) for political correctness reasons.


Damn, I missed it. I even had my sausage grinder ready.

T. Alessandro
T. Alessandro

You are your schlong and it's microsized and diseased. Go get help, homophobe!


Idiot, the APA doesn't regard homosexuality as a sexual dysfunction. Your dysfunction, bigotry, however is a disorder.

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