Goodyear Man and Ex-Girlfriend Found Dead in Truck Ruled Murder-Suicide

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Police believe Thomas Watson shot his ex-girlfriend Tara Shermerhorn before turning the gun on himself.
The Yavapai County Sheriff's Office announced yesterday that the deaths of a Goodyear man and his ex-girlfriend last week have been ruled a murder-suicide.

The bodies of 43-year-old Thomas Watson and his ex-girlfriend, 31-year-old Tara Shermerhorn, were found dead inside Watson's truck south of Horse Thief Basin just after 10 a.m. last Friday.

The bodies each had "close-range gunshot wounds to the head," and authorities have determined that Watson shot Shermerhorn before turning the gun on himself.

Watson was reported missing about 5 a.m. last Thursday after his sister found a note at his home suggesting he was despondent. The note also gave instructions on disposing of his property.

Police tried to locate Watson, who was last seen driving a dark-blue 1999 Ford F150 with South Dakota plates of 59K090. His phone was "pinged" and was reportedly located near Interstate 17 traveling north of Phoenix. The phone was later shut off.

Hours after Watson was reported missing, Shermerhorn also was reported missing by family members. She was last seen at her work last Wednesday night about 9 p.m. Police believe she drove directly home from work because her car was parked at her house. Her phone was also "pinged," but appeared stationary near the Crown King area in Yavapai County after she was reported missing.

Police say the investigation into the deaths is ongoing.

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Big Al
Big Al

when a male yuppie cant handle life's stresses and problems like being dumped by a lady or losing their yuppie job this is how they react. you see it over and over again in the news. if they had been married and had kids and a home he would have killed the mom and the kids and then burned the house down and then killed his self out in the woods up north or in the desert.

Big Al
Big Al

more proof to never trust a clean shaven short haired yuppie male. those clean shaven short haired males use that clean cut look to hide the evil that lurks inside their dark souls. they are more insecure about themselves and off the hook mentally more than the other kind like long haired dudes. most mug shots you see online are of clean cut guys that look just like this dweeb of a nerd dork geek murderer yuppie. lady's do yourself a favor and go out with a long haired man and you will be alot safer.


God Bless Tommy, Tara and their entire families. There will never be understanding for those of us here on this earth. His children and family and her family, will have to live with a questions mark in their minds for the rest of their lives if they don't just turn this over to God and believe He had a reason and a plan. You will immediately feel a deep hole in your hearts and you will never forget. But God has given us all the ability to live with the challenges we are given in life. He also has told us not to judge. What is, is. No one here can change it. Everyone close to them must grieve but placing blame does no one a bit of good. We are all God's children and to live His way we all need to help each other. May you all find peace within yourselves.

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