Chandler Meth "Broker" Busted Making Deal With Infant Child in Home

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The above are among several items -- including a scale and baggies -- found in the home of Carol Stephen and her two-month-old daughter...but Carol says she's not a drug "dealer."
​A Chandler woman insists that she's not a meth dealer -- she just arranges, buys, and is paid with either cash or meth, and she often conducts business with her infant daughter under the same roof.

Last week, police arrested 29-year-old Carol Stephen following several meth deals at the home at which she's staying. Her infant child was present for several of the deals, according to court documents obtained by New Times.

On four separate occasions, between February 3 and her arrest on
February 17, Stephen "facilitated the purchase" of meth for a client.
Too bad for Stephen that the client was an undercover cop.

In total, Stephen arranged for cops to buy 5.5 ounces of meth, court docs show.

Cops searched Stephen's condo and found meth pipes, baggies, scales, and, of course, a lot of meth.

Stephen insists that though she uses meth, she ain't no dealer. She told
police that when "clients" call her looking for the drug, she calls her
supplier, sets up a buy, and -- for her trouble -- is paid in meth or cash.

We're no experts, but that sounds a lot like the job description of a drug dealer.

Stephen was booked into the Mesa City Jail on several meth-related
charges, and one count of child abuse stemming from her bringin her
2-month-old baby to meth deals.

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ive know this girl since we were kids until she moved away she didnt smoke or taste alcohol meth is a terrible drug 


 come back to california when your out ill take care of you'


What part of Cali and u can take care of me lol

Meth, My Bestest Friend of All
Meth, My Bestest Friend of All 1 Like

Methamphetamine... A subject I know too well.Of all the controlled substances, good old Meth is the one that distorts reality the best. So, of course, Carol Stephen wasn't dealing Meth; she'd convinced herself she wasn't and in spite of any evidence she was, she wasn't... and how dare you question it. Meth produces many strange and un-natural psychological reactions. In the immediate period after its induction into your system, you will feel euphoric... and, well, ungodly horney. You may feel like getting into freaky stuff that you'd normally be repulsed by. Performing felatio on a wino behind the Motel 6, or sexually caressing your dog's nether region seems like a fun thing when the Meth monster is up inya. Marathon masturbation sessions that might go on for two or three days are not uncommon.I've seen dedicated heterosexual men hit the pipe and then put a penis in their mouth in under 9 seconds. If there are other dudes in the house, then it is wise to either get them high too, or lock your damned self in the bathroom."Butt Rockets" are rather interesting. You take an insulin syringe and break off the needle tip, leaving only the barrel and plunger. You then draw up some Meth and insert into the first willing anal cavity you encounter. Reactions to Butt Rockets can vary... Girls are especially susceptible to the pulsing of Meth from the rearend on up the scale. Reports of spontaneous orgasms of the 2 quart gusher variety have been documented. So chicks should always blast off on tile floors only.One of the peculiar side effects of Meth is the problem with the "time-space continuum".Though it seems like time and motion are as always, when you do glance at a clock you see the time is 6:30 pm instead of 11:42 am which is what you thought it would be. Any planned movement, chore or event might easily protract into multiple days, making you an undesirable candidate for employment, parenthood, or for running errands.Unlike Heroin, which has a demonstrable physical addiction characteristic, Meth is purely a psyche driven addiction, but that doesn't make it easier to quit, in fact it is just as hard as any other drug to give up. For a human there can be no worse a problem than a problem they have convinced themselves of.


I gotta say your 100% right and only an addict or ex addict can know that ;)it is all in the mind and it sucks that its one of the hardest drugs to quit

Crackbaby 1 Like

Just read the headline - the meth broker made a deal with the infant in the home? How much did the baby want to buy? And where did he/she get the money? Was it the E*Trade baby? I bet it was. He creeps me out.

Johnny White Man
Johnny White Man

Where's her mug? New Times is known for posting up mug shots, but not this one?

James King
James King

My apologies. The MCSO took her mugshot off its website overnight before I saved it to my computer. I saw it. Nothing too impressive.

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