Arizona Republican's Abortion Bill is "Assault [on] Woman's Dignity," Pro-Choice Group Says

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There are several abortion bills making their way through the Arizona Legislature at the moment. None of them seem to make a whole lot of sense, considering the other, more-pressing issues the state currently faces (namely a pesky $2 billion budget shortfall), but one in particular has pro-choice advocates livid.


Aside from forcing abortion doctors to offer patients the opportunity to look at ultrasound images of the fetus -- a move to basically try to scare women out of having an abortion -- HB 2416 also adds stiffer regulations to the early abortion-by-pill that would subject the medication to the same regulations as surgical abortion.

Doing so, officials from Planned Parenthood say, would block access of early-term abortions to women living in rural communities.

The group says that by preventing early-term abortions by over-regulating the pill, it will lead to more late-term, potentially riskier abortions.

This morning, Planned Parenthood Arizona doctors testified at a hearing regarding the bill in the state House of Representatives. They were not impressed.

"Sitting in the committee hearing, I was saddened by the ignorance displayed by the people who are supposed to represent the needs of Arizonans," Bryan Howard, president and CEO of Planned Parenthood Arizona, says. "Legislators are dismissing Arizona women, and more specifically those women who live in rural communities, in order to push forward an agenda set by their beliefs and those of bloated lobbying interests."

Click here and here to read about some of the other anti-abortion nonsense your elected officials have been working on.

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The Vain of Their Game
The Vain of Their Game

The 6th. Commandment states "Thou shalt not kill"... how nice.Unless, of course, it is a Mexican crossing the border illegally, a Black dude with a newer car than yours, or an Afghan with a 7-11 franchise, then its cool by God to put a cap in them... At least that's the way it seems.Western Christiandom is so full of contradictions, convolusions, and just plain old "cons" it strains the credibility of all of its philosphies.But then again - by God - killing folks ( whether it is a fetus or fully formed carbon-based bi-ped out beathing on its own ) is a distant 6th place to taking the day off on Sundays which comes in at the number one position. It's difficult to know for sure what the God dude ever said, since the day that old Moses got his undies in a bundle and smashed the stone tablets reputedly inscripted by the High Dude himself. Had Moses chosen to preserve that piece of rock for the sake of future generations, it would be compelling evidence that God does exist - whether as Jehovah, Allah, or George Burns. But abortion is wrong because some dork with a pulpit said so. This same dork also proclaims that, quote, "Homosexuals are an abomination in the eyes of the Lord".Yeah, well, not nearly as abominable as some fat-ass freak parading across a sound stage waving the Holy Scriptures and vomiting all kinds of complete non-sense to an audience full of fools.If a girl decides for an abortion and you are not the one who knocked her up, then do us all a favor and mind your own GODDAMNED BUSINESS.


Get your religious beliefs out of my life - out of my government - and away from my choice as to how I want to live my life as a female.Your religion says abortion is not right; fine - don't have one.My 'religion' says everyone else who tries to run my life is a prick.

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