Arizona Ranchers Not Happy With Janet Napolitano's Border Plan for Rural Areas -- or Lack Thereof

Arizona ranchers are not fans of Homeland Security Chief Janet Napolitano.
The Arizona Cattleman's Association is not impressed with a speech given by Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano this week, in which, the group says, she "abandoned her mantra of the past year that the U.S. Mexican Border...'is more secure than ever.'"

During a speech at the University of Texas' El Paso campus, Napolitano touted the efforts of the federal government in curbing border violence and preventing drugs and illegal immigrants from coming across the border.

"The Obama administration has engaged in an unprecedented effort to bring focus and intensity to Southwest border security, coupled with a reinvigorated, smart and effective approach to enforcing immigration laws in the interior of our country," Napolitano said during the speech. "Almost two years into the Southwest Border Initiative and the verdict is in: our approach is working--illegal immigration is decreasing, deportations are increasing and crime rates have gone down."

The ACA isn't satisfied with Napolitano's assessment and feels she "has focused herself on border cities where emergency response is seconds away leaving rural areas in the cold once again."

The group also says it's unfair of the homeland security chief to charge those who point out unchecked dangers on the border with trying to "score political points."

"The secretary fails to recognize that Mexican cartels don't really care if their targets or their victims are Democrats or Republicans," Arizona Cattle Grower's Association President Steve Brophy says.

The ACGA says it deems Democratic Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords one of its greatest allies in the fight for border security, but says it's also worked closely with other members of Arizona's Congressional delegation, like Republican senators John McCain and Jon Kyl.

"Secretary Napolitano also says that calling attention to the border security situation in southern Arizona is bad for business on the Border," the group says. "Is a cry for help to the Department of Homeland Security bad for business? Would it be better for business that we not speak of the problem, the threat and the dangers, and just hope it goes away?

"Is hope a strategy to secure the border?"

Click here for more info on the ACA.

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Napolitano is delusional. She has no clue what she is doing and so far out of her abilities it's pathetic. The border is NOT, nor even close, to being secure! We have terrorists crossing the border at will. The only people actually caught are the unsophisticated migrants. And how about the coverup of the Border Patrol Agent murder? ATF is complicit with mexicans getting the AK47s to kill the agent.


Earth to Napolitano...You sit in Washington issuing statements about the safety of the border, while Sheriff Babeu and others are on the front lines where the shooting war is going on and they say the border is NOT safe. I believe the Sheriff and the many reports that tell us exactly how dangerous it is. We need Babeu as head of Homeland Security. He'd have illegals out of here in short order. If only our President had the courage to get on TV and demand they all leave in the hundreds of language we tolerate. A real Tower of Babel. If they don't leave, they face a 10-year prison sentence. Cut all the benefits, stop the misinterpreted 14th amendment and mandate e-verify for all businesses. We'd have anillegal-free nation once more. And for the bleeding hearts who will wring their hands and say the farmers won't be able to harvest their crops, we already have approx. eight guest-worker programs for agricultural workers. Trouble is, illegals are working many other jobs than agriculture, and many businesses hire them knowing they are illegal. Get them all out of here! Americans need jobs and THEY pay taxes!


What about the poor cattle? Can we still kill and eat them after they've been de-immigrated?

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