MLB All-Star Game Ticket Strips to Go On Sale Tomorrow

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Home of the 2011 All-Star Game
Ticket strips to this year's Major League Baseball All-Star Game and other All-Star Week events go on sale tomorrow for those of you who want to watch good baseball at Chase Field this summer.

The strips include tickets to the All-Star Game on July 12, the State Farm Home Run Derby on July 11, two MLB All-Star FanFest tickets, and the Taco Bell All-Star Legends & Celebrity Softball Game July 10, which includes a "Futures" game between the hottest minor league prospects.

Arizona Diamondbacks Public Relations official Shaun Rachau tells New Times that the strips range in price from $247 to $817.

According to Major League Baseball, the Fanfest will feature at least one exhibit from the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum, batting cages, clinics from Major League legends, free autograph sessions with former D-backs and MLB legends, and memorabilia.

The American League has won 12 of the last 14 games, with the 2002 contest ending in a tie. The National League ended the AL's winning streak last season in Anaheim.

MLB has been criticized in recent years for mandating that each baseball team have one All-Star representative, despite the fact that there are teams out there who do not have a true star player, and the league's fan vote process for selecting All-Star's has been criticized by fans and writers alike who have grown tired of seeing the same Yankees and Red Sox in the game.

Some people from around the country have called for the ballgame to be canceled in protest over SB 1070, which Diamondbacks Ambassador Luis Gonzalez has warned would do "more harm than good" in recent days.

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Yellowjersey Yellowjersey
Yellowjersey Yellowjersey

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It started with SB1070 where you could be singled in the streets of Arizona out by law enforcement. Next newborns in the maternity wards. It wasn’t long till the sick and injured were targeted While getting treatment and now children in the classroom. Might I suggest birth certificates should be presented when purchasing tickets to the All-star game. You wouldn’t wants any undocumented baseball fans in the seats next to yours.


Ms Info
Ms Info

You had me right up until "$247".


It breaks my heart that the MLB Hispanic players care more about the dollar than standing up for what's right. I mean, that's what it looks like to me. Why are they still coming to AZ with this racist SB 1070 law still being enforced? It doesn't matter that that many parts of the law were unconstitutional by a judge police and sherrif Joe are still going right ahead and arresting "brown people" right and left.

We Hispanics really need to take a lesson from African Americans who appear to have more integrity puting money aside to fight against racist AZ! The NFL took a stand in 1991 and forced the bigots here to change their minds about the MLK holiday. Now we need to do the same. Come on people, wake up!

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