Westboro Baptist Kooks Back Off Protesting Funeral of 9-Year-Old Girl in Exchange for Radio Air Time

christina greenesml.jpg
Christina Greene was murdered on Saturday in Tucson's deadly shooting rampage.
The lunatics from the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church have agreed to not protest the funeral of 9-year-old Christina Greene, who was one of six people killed in Saturday's shooting rampage in Tucson, in exchange for air time on Canadian and Phoenix radio stations.

As we reported Monday, the group said it planned to protest Greene's funeral. Tuesday, the group gave New Times a nonsensical reason why. Read about that rant here.

According to a report in the Topeka Capital-Journal, the group will skip Greene's funeral in Tucson on Thursday in exchange for air time on 102.1 The Edge in Toronto, Canada, and an
interview with KXXT-AM in Phoenix on Saturday morning.

KXXT-AM is a "Christian" radio station -- which is interesting given the views of the WBC. The station did not immediately respond to an email to confirm whether it had agreed to put these whackos on the air.

The group's decision to bail on the protest comes a day after the Arizona legislature passed a law preventing people from protesting at funerals, which is interesting considering some of the comments made by one of the group's leaders to New Times.

"You think you can run God off the corner with your stupid laws?" Shirley Phelps-Roper asked New Times.

"[Our] stupid laws" may not keep God off the corner -- but they certainly help in keeping raving lunatics away. Although, the group says it still plans to protest the funeral of Federal Judge John Roll, who was also killed in the attack. According to the new law, however, they
will do so from at least 300 feet away.

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Look at it this way not onlybia it against AZ law to protest at someones funeral but there would be someone who doesn't care abt the law and would prolly attack the abc protesters


I personally believe that Mr. Dean Blundell gave the interview to Phelps of the Westboro baptist church to spare the grieving family of unbearable grief that would negatively remain forever to a family that just lost the most precious thing that a family has. It was also to prevent possible further bloodshed between the protesters and mourners.This lady along with the Westboro congregation is not in touch with reality. Hopefully the Laws of the United States, could sequester her away from humanity to an established medical facility.I would like to offer the heartfelt condolences to the Christina Taylor Green's family and to all adversely affected by the needless violence.

A broadcast originating out of Toronto will not garner many American listeners in border area, however it appeases the perpetrator with a soapbox, and that Americans would not be adversely affected by this hateful religious rhetoric.

Mr. Blundell is also trying to get the Westboro baptist church to further refrain from attending other funerals.

The interview (believe telephone from Toronto) was held the morning of Funeral in Tucson AZ. ( 13 Jan). It can be heard at this website >


Best wishes & Regards Canada

thomas mc
thomas mc

There was no "deal." The AZ legislature made it illegal, so they made up this phony story.


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God Hates Baptists
God Hates Baptists

The last thing Arizona needs is more haters ( we have a full house already ) and insane freaks pretending they have the right to conduct business on God's behalf.Those Westbrook Church mofos should give it up and stick to doing what they have the talent for... drinking Everclear, smoking gag-weed, f-----g their mothers behind the out-house, and playing the banjo with their feet.God doesn't need their help for ruining thingsHe does a great job ruining everything on his own

Charles Ward
Charles Ward

Aw, too bad. I'd been hoping to see them tangle with some motorcycle club guys.

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