Tuscon Artists and Writers Blog About Shooting

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Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords
As news media across the nation turned to the Web to report updates about Saturday's tragic shooting, Tucson residents went online to vent their personal perspectives.

What follows is a list of links to Tucsonans' political frustrations, personal mourning, and collective grief expressed through the blogosphere.

A Tucson writer for the Arizona Jewish Post expresses personal reaction after attending a healing service for the shooting victims: tucsonwritereditor.com

A local arts & culture retail store shares a Tuscon mother's reflections. www.crizmac.com

A Tucson photographer reflects on the power of spoken words: marthalochert.wordpress.com

Aa U of A grad student posts a brief mourning: tucsonquerido.com

A former civil servant and Democrat weighs in: stujenks.typepad.com

An artist joins Rialto Theatre in support: danielleembry.blogspot.com

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The shootings and senseless violence has got to stop. It's not like a Tuscon home security system can just make it all go away.

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