Tea Partiers Coming to Phoenix for First Ever National Policy Conference

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They're coming...
Where better than Phoenix for droves of gun-loving conservatives from across the country to assemble for a conference.

The national "Tea Party Patriots" announced this morning that they've selected Phoenix for the group's first-ever national policy summit dubbed "Pathways to Liberty."

The conference is scheduled for February 25-27 -- the second anniversary of the group's founding.

According to the group, "The American Policy Summit will offer policy briefings and discussions
that will hit key Tea Party themes. They will be organized around the group's core values and its 'Five Pathways to Liberty': education, politics, judicial, economics and culture."

The group's national coordinator, Mark Meckler, claims "Tea Party Patriots values won the day in November, and we are now taking steps to make sure that these values are reflected in public

No speakers have been announced, but we're gonna go out on a limb and assume Sarah Palin will be involved in the conference.

"We have invited all 2012 presidential contenders and should be releasing a speakers list in the next few weeks. We'll keep you on the list for that," a spokesman for the group tells New Times when asked if Palin would be participating.

Click here for more info on the conference, and check back to New Times for a complete list of speakers as soon as it becomes available.

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Tweet Loaf
Tweet Loaf

Why should AZ be identified Nationally as the epicenter of stupid?


from the link. So all these businesses are proud supporters?"You will find an array of options - like the nationally renowned Pizzeria Bianco, the chic Cheuvront Restaurant & Wine Bar or the one-of-a-kind Stoudemire’s. The arts offer the world-class Heard Museum, the Phoenix Art Museum and First Fridays Artwalk (a festival held every first Friday of the month). And a variety of pubs and clubs offer opportunities to socialize - from the laid-back Roosevelt Tavern to the electric atmosphere of Bar Smith."


Is this where they get together to decide on how much money to spend on the war, and how much to cut from social services? God knows we need more defense while on the offense, poor unhealthy Americans be damned! We've got freedoms to defend, and restrict due to safety concerns.


Will Arpaio speak about gross misuse of taxpayer money?


"Tea Party?" I thought it was "Tea Potty."

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