Attack on Frank Pratt: Suspect in Assault of State Representative Indicted for Kidnapping and Aggravated Assault

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Hilyard Scott bragged to police about the attack on state Representative Frank Pratt.
The man believed responsible for the Christmas Day assault on state Representative Frank Pratt has been indicted by a Pinal County Grand Jury on various charges, including kidnapping and aggravated assault.

Hillyard Scott, 34, was arrested about a week after the attack on Pratt for an unrelated -- although very similar -- crime that occurred in roughly the same area as the assault on Pratt.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, after the beating, during which Scott allegedly beat Pratt in the head before hog-tying him and stealing Pratt's Rolex and 2007 GMC Yukon, the suspect picked up his girlfriend and drove her to the Circle K Motel in Phoenix.

He told her about the beating and said he'd pawned the watch for $900 -- money the couple would live on for the next several days.

The two were arrested after Phoenix police were called to an abandoned vehicle at the hotel, which just happened to be Pratt's Yukon. The vehicle led police to the couple, who were arrested.

Inside the SUV were shoe prints similar to those found in the blood at the scene of Pratt's beating. Those prints matched the Reebok's Scott was wearing at the time of his arrest.

Once in custody, Scott made statements that placed him at the scene of the crime. He told police that the victim (Pratt) appeared to be a rich man. Then, he told cops later, the "temperature" of his encounter with the representative changed, although, he would not give specifics as to what changed the "temperature."

Scott never specifically admitted to beating Pratt, but while being fingerprinted by the Phoenix P.D., the dumbass bragged to officers "did you watch the news? Do you know what crime I committed?"

In addition to the aggravated assault and kidnapping charges, Scott's also been indicted for robbery, burglary, and theft. His arraignment is scheduled for Friday.

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To James King
To James King

Mr. King,I'm leaving this message here, as I know you review the comments later posted to your news stories.First of all, thank you for the response you left me on your "Jared Loughner police contacts" story a few days ago. I'm very pleased that you got a yuck out of "TEDDY BARE". One of my better ones, however, the idiot falling out of the tree is a true story. And I appreciate the follow-up on Loughner. I am also the author of such postings as "Ode To Sheriff Joe", "Badge No. 666", and my personal favorite... "Sheriff Jose Arpiyo", posted for one of many articles on Joey's multiple federal investigations; the story ending with Sheriff Joe yelling at Hendershott to bring him his box of Depends.Unfortunately, life is seldom a source for satire. I think the Tucson massacre has gotten too much press, and while I wish Congresswoman Giffords the best for her future, maybe some privacy might be desired by all those whose lives are now forever after tormented by the events of that day. Of course the epilogue, as yet to be written, will assure Loughner's arrest photo to be a front pager time and again.Jared Loughner and I do share one thing in common: Absolute disdain for U.S. government, and the volumns worth of betrayals it has wrought upon us citizens,"We The People". His act of twisted, demonic, vengence is another betrayal put against no one who'd ever hurt him. Ms. Giffords was simply a convenience, someone handy, as it seems like Jared wanted to leave the old Chevy Nova at home, and walk to shootout, since he wouldn't be coming back.But there was one aspect of the Loughner shootout story that was reported the following Tuesday in the New York Times, and it was this that got me inordinately interested in JLL.Right now I am writing to you a document that is rather provocative, and it will only get the Lunatic Fringe wound up. When I finish it I will deliver it to your office at 1101. I hope you can find some interest in it .Steve Tracy

Too bad life is not always a source for satire.

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