Susan Brock Pleads Guilty to Attempted Sexual Conduct With a Minor

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This is Susan Brock, not a deer in headlights
In a not-so-shocking development in the case of Susan Brock, the estranged wife of Maricopa County Supervisor Fulton Brock, the county supervisor's soon-to-be former wife changed her plea to guilty this afternoon in one of the stranger cases of an older woman having sex with a teenage boy that we can remember.

Brock initially entered a not guilty plea on charges that she allegedly had an ongoing sexual relationship with a teenage boy beginning when he was just 14 years old. Today, Brock pleaded guilty to three counts of attempted sexual conduct with a minor.

If you're unfamiliar with Brock's case, cilck here for the details. The gist of it is as follows -- it's wild:

Brock was arrested in October after the parents of the alleged victim found sexually charged text messages from Brock on a cell phone she bought for the boy. She used the name "Timmy Turner" when text-messaging the boy.

The boy claims he and Brock carried out a three-year sexual relationship, in which the two had sexual encounters in Brock's car, the house she shares with her husband and children, and even at her mother's house.

The boy has a girlfriend whose parents don't approve of their relationship. So Brock allegedly let the boy and his girlfriend have sex at her house. She even bought the two condoms, court documents claim.

To make the case even more bizarre, a friend of Brock's, Christian Weems, was arrested last month for allegedly trying to destroy evidence in the case.

And, to make the case even stranger, Brock's daughter Rachel was arrested the next day for allegedly having a sexual relationship with the same boy Brock's accused of molesting.

Brock's sentencing is scheduled for March 16.

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Boy, that 14 year old sure got a lot of action....


Those wacky Mormons a little coffee and sex wont kill ya this is what happens to repressed people they go nuts on cock


Talk about ruining your entire life for a bit of pleasure. A minimum of seven years in jail and up to fifteen, she would have been better off robbing some banks.


something tells me she will have a similar look once she's put into GP....

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