Meth-y Mom Charged in 2009 Death of Child; Baby Overdosed On (You Guessed it) Meth

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Veronica Marie Linares
Most people don't do meth. Most people don't let their 9-month-old kid die from a meth overdose. Most people don't then give birth to another child with a circulatory system full of meth.

By those standards, Veronica Marie Linares allegedly doesn't qualify as "most people."

Glendale police say Linares, 23, has been avoiding police since her 9-month-old child died from a meth overdose in September 2009.

That is, until they arrested her in a Phoenix apartment Wednesday afternoon.

Police say on September 18, 2009, paramedics responded to Linares' apartment near West Glendale and North 67th Avenues in Glendale, where they found her 9-month-old child unresponsive.

The child was transported to a nearby hospital, where she was pronounced dead.

An autopsy of the child from the Maricopa County Medical Examiner revealed not only did she ingest a lethal dose of meth, but also had a wad of paper lodged in her esophagus.

A police investigation revealed that when the child was born she had a high concentration of meth in her system. She was turned over to a foster family until Linares took the child back a week before her death.

A report from Child Protective Services says Linares "made statements about never wanting the child, and wishing the child was dead."

Soon after the death of that child, police say Linares gave birth to another baby, who was also filled with meth.

That child was taken by the state and placed into the care of other family members. Linares, meanwhile, hit the road.

Police made multiple attempts to track down Linares before locating her at her apartment near North 4th Avenue and West Camelback Road in Phoenix on Wednesday.

Linares was brought to the Glendale police headquarters, where she told police she had been visiting to-and-from Mexico to avoid police, and noted she has been meth addict since she was 15.

When asked how her child died, Linares said and that she kept her meth stash in the same drawer as snacks for the 9-month-old kid, and the child probably mistook the meth for food.

Linares was booked into the Maricopa County Jail, and is facing charges of second-degree murder as well as child abuse.

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Ava Gray James
Ava Gray James

i can't believe this stuff actually happens in real life. i went to an idaho meth project premiere yesterday for class credit, the ads were crazy - - but i thought they were just exaggerated? you guys should check them out, they're not on tv yet, but i think these are supposed to start next week?


There is virtually no way a baby died from an accidental oral meth o.d. A case from Southeast Asia involving the rupture of meth balloons ingested in equal amounts by two smugglers who sought medical help is interesting. Only one smuggler died and no unbroken balloons were recovered from his body, the other had his stomach pumped also and 15 grams were vomited unbroken. The dead smuggler had taken a 112 gram dose, his surviving partner approximately 97 GRAMS OF METH. So although undoubtedly toxic to the lives of addicts, and babies for sure would not tolerate as much, to inadvertently eat a lethal dose of such a nasty tasting substance seems unlikely. Don't know how the kid died, but i doubt it went down like that.


I don't know - maybe it's just ME, but ...

Does anyone else find it hard to imagine that a 9 month old baby was helping herself to snacks from a drawer?

Dumb Bitch!

Eighty One
Eighty One

Sqw6737stop by my place at 147 west Mojave st in south phoenix AZ. i will let you eat snort,smoke all the meth you want and we can see if you live. this is the best speed in the state. stop by or shut your yap!


you should be a Doctor or God. your on a BIG EGO TRIP DUDE! in reality you dont know diddly squat shit. so shut the fuck up.

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