Jason, Jan, and Jon: Politicos' Overstatements and Hypocritical Comments About Shooting in Tucson

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Jason Rose bemoans the political climate he helped create.
​Since Arizona is well known
for its divisive politics and extreme rhetoric, it's no wonder that the eyes of the nation are on us.

It is even less surprising that Arizona politicos started jumping into the fray -- issuing obvious statements or overstating their relationships with U.S. Representative Gabrielle Giffords or using the opportunity to shine as hypocrites.

One of this weekend's offenders was political stuntman Jason Rose, who was quoted in the New York Times lamenting that Arizona was just "starting to emerge from the P.R. trauma of the immigration law, and ... we offer up our state as the land of Oswalds."

Well, Rose apparently forgot (conveniently) to mention that he deserves a lot of credit for helping create this political climate and reputation that Arizona has been trying to shed. Rose earns a living pimping candidates like former Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, who have politicized illegal immigration to a boiling point.

"Democrats positioning politically to use giffords tragedy as obviously and flagrantly as gop used 9/11 shock," Rose tweeted on Sunday.

Then, there is Senator Jon Kyl, who was on Face the Nation Sunday cautioning the public against rushing to speculation about the reason for the mass shooting. He was reacting to Pima County Sheriff Clarence Dupnik's characterization of Arizona as "the mecca for prejudice and bigotry."

Kyl said: "We really don't know what motivated [this] young person, except to know that he was very mentally unstable."

Not knowing what motivated the shooting death of Arizona rancher Rob Krentz in March didn't stop Kyl -- and other politicians -- from leaping to conclusions. There was rampant speculation that an illegal immigrant who was possibly connected to a drug-smuggling cartel was responsible for Krentz death. That murder remains unsolved.

Why didn't Kyl urge people not to rush to judgment in that case? Like many of his colleagues, he used Krentz's death as the backdrop to call for more National Guard troops on the border and expand illegal immigration enforcement operations.

Gov. Jan Brewer
And Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, during a press conference over the weekend, declared that Giffords was a friend, someone she had "grown to love."

Maybe they were tight, but when Brewer was asked about their friendship, the governor described their ties as Giffords' serving in the Arizona Senate at the same time Brewer was Secretary of State, the two women campaigning in the same areas, and the two "always often appearing together on the same stage"

Brewer also was asked whether she and Giffords worked on any legislation together. Brewer thought they might have but couldn't remember, saying she would have to go through her records.

Yep, regular BFFs, those two.

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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

Kyl is such a creep. Brewer, she seems to be unable to be honest and forthright. BFFs indeed.


why hasn't jan gone to Tucson?


i am still at a deep wonderment , as i watched the Jan's statements on the TV Saturday . as she said they "just found out about the shootings. about 10-15 min BEFORE" coming down for the press ,,

now one can only wonder as the press release WAS aproximatly 2-3 hrs later , and that WAS even AFTER President Obama talked out on TV .

seems if the two were friends , Jan would have been out the door and on the TV at a break pulse speed .

and WHY if that it was infact several hrs later , the news got to Jan ,, then WHY was it not given to her sooner ????

as of yet i have not heard nor read of any statements from pearce .. has he gone into a hole , or just cares less ? or has he made any statements that i have not been aware of ???


Yeah, and she kept referring to Gabby Giffords in the past tense during her talk to the media. Then, a couple of times she corrected herself.

No doubt Brewer was shaken by the rampage in Tucson, but she continues to struggle anytime she has to speak without prepared and detailed notes.

david saint
david saint

lol, great point about the GOP pouncing on the ranchers death and making all kinds of speculative remarks and assuming it MUST have been an illegal that killed him. Just like when Bush jr was president, anyone who called him anything negative was blasted by the GOP as "un-patriotic"..yet they hadnt even waited until Obama took office before they started in on him, calling him some names that would have set the GOP calling for heads to roll if someone had said the same about Bush. They truly are showing their ignorance instead of intelligence over this issue.


Actually - police and FBI intelligence says it was a Mexican National gun runner who killed Mr. Krentz - having grown up near him, I would say that was a pretty safe conclusion.

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