Jared Loughner's Classmates Diss Him on Facebook as "Weirdo" and "Outcast"

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Jared Lee Loughner

​Friends and high school classmates of Jared Lee Loughner haven't been shy with their reactions about the alleged assailant, some of which are posted on Facebook.

Their comments relate that the 22-year-old was a "weirdo" and "outcast," and they paint a picture of what high school life was like for him.

Tyler Zuern, who claims he knew Loughner while they both attended Mountain View High School in Tucson, left comments on his Facebook wall on Saturday afternoon regarding the 22-year-old, stating his shock at the situation.

"I can't believe a kid I used to chill with turned out to be a cold-blooded murder [sic]," he wrote. "shits fucked up."

At least three other former Mountain View students replied to the Facebook post with their own negative descriptions of Loughner, which also reveal why Zuern ceased his friendship with Loughner.

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A snapshot of the Facebook comments about Jared Lee Loughner by Tyler Zuern and others.

An individual named Gaby Carillo stated, "He was weird! Outcast definitely," while Scott McMullen, another Mountain View alum, chimed with, "I told u the kid was a fucking wierdo [sic]."

Erin McMahon, another friend of Zuern's, asked, "Did he talk alot of shit about how the government is unconstitutional and stuff when you hung out with him?"

To which Zuern replied: "No nothing like that. he was just always really weird, so i quit hanging out with him."

Loughner attemped to hang out with Zuern and the rest at lunchtime during their days at Mountain View, according to a reply by Kate Rascon: "it is so scary to think how he would sometimes eat lunch with us."

While he might not have been buds with Zuern anymore, Loughner reached out to his former friend over the Internet in the days leading up to the shooting. The alleged assailant posted on Zuern's MySpace page last Thursday, recalling a previous concert they both attended with mutual friends

This post caused both law enforcement and journalists to seek out Zuern, who claimed in a separate Facebook post on Saturday that he was interviewed by both the FBI and U.S. Marshals Service. A friend named Thomas Marriotti offered condolences for Zuern's overnight fame.

"Sorry you had to be the one to be shown on MySpace, Zuern. you'll probably be getting bugged a lot and asked questions and shit. sorry man."

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As much as people want to draw a direct connection to this political assassination attempt and the heated rhetoric that we've grown so accustom to in this country, in the final analysis it may have had a small affect but the signs point to Loughner being a very sick individual:

Jared Loughner : Why Did He Do It?


One of the tragedies of history is the fact that Lee Oswald never had the chance to testify in his own defense. I'm not one of these people who believe that the man was some kind of patsy who was framed for killing President Kennedy. I have no doubt that he was the one (and the only one) who pulled the trigger of the Manila Carcana rifle that ended JFK's life. But I have a theory:

Oswald was an extreme left winger - the type of which no longer exists in this country: a committed Communist. I believe that had he been living in New York or Boston or Los Angeles - or even Atlanta - when the president rolled into town, he never would have attempted assassination. But he wasn't in any of those cities. He was living in Dallas, Texas. In November of 1963, Dallas was the right wing capital of the nation. Just a few weeks before the Kennedy shooting, UN Ambassador Adlai Stevenson had been physically attacked and spat on at an appearance in that city.

Lee Oswald's motive for killing John F. Kennedy was not fame and recognition. He vehemently denied having any part in the shooting.


That was his story and he was sticking to it! He didn't have to stick to it for very long, though. Forty-eight hours after he was arrested, a single bullet from Jack Ruby's gun forever silenced Lee Harvey Oswald. What could have been his motive? Here's my theory: He killed Kennedy because he really believed he could get away with it. The atmosphere in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963 was so politically toxic, Oswald must have assumed that the police and Secret Service would immediately focus on one or more that city's illustrious right wing crackpots.

The extremism of 1963 was pretty much isolated to a few southern cities. Forty-eight years later it's gone national. What happened in Arizona over the weekend is only the beginning. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but America's political discourse has been hijacked by half-wits and crazy people. Their spokespersons make their names by inflaming their clueless masses with the language of hate. That's their job. Then again, I'm not giving away any state secrets here, am I?


Tom Degan

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