Jared Loughner Classmate: Memories of Loughner "Haunt Me"; Describes Face in Mug Shot as "Soulless" and "Evil"

loughner mugshot.jpg
Jared Loughner: the Face of a Madman.
A former classmate of Jared Loughner, the man accused of the maniacal murders of six people -- and the senseless shooting of 14 others, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- tells New Times memories of Loughner "haunt me."

Caitie Parker, a former classmate of Loughner's at Mountain View High School in Tucson and Pima Community College, made headlines over the weekend for a series of "tweets" in which she described Loughner as a "pothead" and a liberal "political radical."

Parker would not consent to a full interview but offered an explanation as to why she wouldn't, which she's allowed for publication.

In the e-mail, Parker describes her memory of Loughner as "kind, understanding, funny, and a great listener." The man he became, she says, "is a mind I do not know, his malevolence is something I will never understand."

See Parker's full e-mail to New Times below:

I think now is the time for us to mourn, and the time to heal. Whether our wounds are physical or within our selves. The focus should be on the victims & their families. At times in life we witness acts of malicious intent, and wonder who could do such a thing. Sadly, I know the face of this tragedy. I know his laugh, I know his voice, and have many memories from yesteryear, they haunt me. The boy I knew then, was kind, understanding, funny, and a great listener. The man he became, is a mind I do not know, his malevolence is something I will never understand. I hope one day we can all come to find our own sense of peace & understanding in spite of this event. Now is the time to mourn, not a time to speak.

In second e-mail, Parker references how "haunting" she finds the above photo, released yesterday by the Pima County Sheriff's Office. Below is Parker's description:

It's very scary. His eyes used to be bright, blue, and full of life. Now they're dark, soulless, and evil. That man is not the boy I knew, that's for sure. It's pretty haunting.

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Jim Kendall
Jim Kendall

HOW the college MANAGED to have viewed the YouTube video by Jared Loughner - which formed the basis of their having expelled him - and FAILED to have made some effort to direct him to support and evaluation IS MORE THAN I CAN LOGICALLY COMPREHEND.

The boy was HURTING! And obviously so. Is it too much to ask that you should go out of your by-the-books-way to reach out to a clearly disturbed person?

That 9 year old girl who was killed demonstrated an intellect and consciousness which would have been an asset to Pima College - and society - once she matured.

You'll never get the chance to see her develope; because you dropped-the-ball toward Jared lee Laughner.


Amy and Randy needs not to feel guilty and requiring the support of friends, family, and others who have experienced children who have mental illness. My son is labeled a sociopath. He was raised right up until his mental illlness got uncontrollable and continued. He was institutionalized 13 years as a child, had the best treatments and professional care available. He was released to society at age 21 on pencil and pen restrictions. Did not make sense to me, family and friends but the laws, rules and regulations protect individuals with disabilities to include mental illness from being institutionalized--so these individuals are in the community. These individuals usually alienate themselves, stop taking medications and obtaining professional assistance even when insisted and encouraged by family and professionals. Then, they do illegal activities, go to prison ( since prison is cheaper for the state to house these individuals than mental institutions- which are few). The mental institutions provide psychiatric treatments while only few prison provide psychiatric services. God bless this family. Keeping everyone in my prayers.

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