Go Daddy's One (Fabulous) Ass Closer to Revealing New Girl. Full Identity Will Come During Super Bowl

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The identity of the new "Go Daddy Girl" won't be revealed until the Super Bowl in Dallas in just under two weeks, but the company is dropping hints as to whom it's going to be in the form of body parts -- including the photo of the new girl's ass the Scottsdale-based company released this morning.

See the ass, apparently belonging to the new "Go Daddy Girl," below.

"We are going to out-Go Daddy ourselves with this one," Go Daddy's CEO and founder Bob Parsons says. "Who is she? I can tell you our new Go Daddy Girl is a big name -- she's iconic, she's edgy, she's off the hook funny and as long as I don't talk too much, I think most everyone will be absolutely shocked!"
This remarkable specimen will be the next "Go Daddy Girl."
Today's ass shot comes just days after the company released photos of the new "Go Daddy Girl's" legs. You can check out those stems by clicking here.

Go Daddy aired its first racey TV ad during the 2005 Super Bowl. The ad, the company claims, is known as "the most effective commercial ever to have aired just once," because it depicted a spoof of Janet Jackson's infamous wardrobe malfunction and was pulled before it was aired a second time.

"The censorship triggered controversy and helped boost Go Daddy from a new market share of 16 percent before the 2005 Super Bowl to 25 percent of all new domain-name registrations after the game. That number is close to 50 percent today," the company claims.

This year's ad, the company says, already has been approved by network officials.

The company says the new GoDaddy Girl has agreed to keep her identity secret. In this year's ad, titled "Unveiling," former Go Daddy Girls Danica Patrick and Jillian Michaels have roles introducing the new addition. The ad will air during the Super Bowl on February 6.

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Bob Parsons, founder of Go Daddy, Rocks Again!! he is the living breathing example of the American Dream that is still grounded in reality, he takes care of those take care of him and gives back to his community --You Go Daddy!! BTW -- I think its Chelsea Handler -- she smart, attractive, funny and she has very similar sense of humor to Bob. Thank God that we can at least rule out Rosie O Donnell or Rosanne Barr (something that was rumored in the blogosphere.


Well it's definately not Kim Lardassian.

backfield in motion
backfield in motion

Chelsea Handler's ass does NOT look like that. In fact, hers more closely resembles Bob Parson's tush.

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