Second Suspect Located and Cleared; Federal Complaint Filed Against Jared Loughner

Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords remains in critical condition following yesterday's shooting.
The second "person of interest" sought in the rampage shooting that left six people dead and several -- including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords -- injured yesterday in Tucson has been located and cleared by federal authorities.

And as promised by FBI Director Robert Mueller, in Arizona from Washington, a federal complaint has been filed against the lone suspect in the case, 22-year-old Jared Loughner.

The second "person of interest" in the case was identified as a cab driver who Loughner paid to drive him to the Safeway on the morning of the shooting. The two appeared together in the store's surveillance footage because, the driver told authorities, Loughner needed to make change to pay the fare. Authorities say they're satisfied with his explanation.

The federal complaint, filed this afternoon by Arizona U.S. Attorney Dennis Burke, includes two counts of murder of a federal official for the murders of Federal Judge John Roll and Giffords' staffer Gabriel Zimmerman. In addition, the complaint includes three counts of attempted murder of a federal official for the assaults on Giffords and others.

Under the law, an indictment must be handed down within 30 days of the filing of the complaint.

More information is known about the efforts of several heroic bystanders who prevented Loughner from carrying out further mayhem.

The woman who wrestled an ammo clip away from Loughner in the midst of the chaos has been identified as Patricia Maisch.

Maisch, authorities say, was waiting in line to take a picture with Giffords when Loughner opened fire. After unloading his first magazine into the crowd, Maisch grabbed the bottom of a fresh clip Loughner was trying to insert into his Glock 9-millimeter handgun.

As Maisch and Loughner fought over the clip, two men, Roger Salzgeber and Bill Badger, tackled and restrained the suspect until police arrived.

Authorities say the pause in shooting caused by Maisch grabbing the fresh clip is what allowed the two men to take Loughner to the ground.

Initial reports that Maisch was shot before her valiant effort were false, authorities say. She went unharmed in the shooting.

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might want to fix your dangling participle:"After unloading his first magazine into the crowd, Maisch...""After Loughner unloaded his first magazine into the crowd, Maisch..."


"When Latinos and Chicanos study Latino and Mexican-American history, they are considered a terrorist hate group that is planning for another reconquista—but when a white conservative attempts to assassinate a politician, he is written of as a misguided quack."

Amen!!!!!!!! These racist double standards have got to stop!


The media is attempting to manufacture Loughner as a misguided youth with “anarchist” tendencies rather than another Anglo terrorist that conscientiously carried out a political hit for conservative symbolic value. What also makes this tragedy a terrorist act is that it was largely informed by an ideology of hate that Loughner shared with political officials and radio talks show hosts like Sara Palin, Jan Brewer, Tom Horne, Pat Buchanan, Rush Limbaugh etc.—not to mention Tea Party conservatives that openly carried weapons to political rallies and used violent metaphors and militaristic images on their websites suggesting that Obama and “liberals” be assassinated—Sara Palin and her bulls eye targets and weaponry rhetoric are a case in point. This ideology of hate has consistently produced ethnocentric vigilantes that will bite when people like Palin, Brewer and Limbaugh bark. In public, they feign tears like Jan Brewer, but in private, they revel in what they believe is a small battle leading to their violent “war of maneuver.” These conservative hate radio hosts and racist republican politicians can try to distance themselves from Loughner as much as they can, but they can never fully do that since most everything they’ve said is already documented on the internet. Just like them, Loughner believed Gifford was largely responsible for “low” educational standards in her district, especially in terms of English language acquisition and grammar. Just like them, Loughner criticized the federal government and thought the U.S. Constitution needed to be rewritten. An anarchist would not promote displacing a federal constitutional document for a narrower conservative constitution. You media pundits need to stop invoking the word “anarchist” as a shock term to manage perceptions and de-emphasize the connection between Loughner’s actions and conservative politicians and bark [sic] show hosts in America.

This is how most mainstream media largely manufactures its news reports: When Latinos and Chicanos study Latino and Mexican-American history, they are considered a terrorist hate group that is planning for another reconquista—but when a white conservative attempts to assassinate a politician, he is written of as a misguided quack. What’s wrong with this so-called “neutral” reporting?


Another liberal who can't read. The shooter was a radical LIBERAL, and he didn't shoot over political ideals - he just wanted to shoot somebody. The thing about Palin and a target had nothing to do with inciting violence but was simply about Congresswoman Gifford being a target in the next election - i.e. - she's the next Democrat that needs to be unseated. It's stupid people like Razanarchista that frustrates normal thinking people.

Here's another thing - Hispanic drug gangs are terrorists. They're illegal and should be hunted down and locked up, not simply deported so they can come back as someone else.


Hey Raz, read your own post. Sounds like you practice what you preach against!


I don't know what you're talking about. The media is portraying him as a right-wing nut job that was ordered to do it by Sarah Palin. Both sides are morons here, because everyone has to talk in hyperbole and can't seem to grasp that it was one disturbed man, acting without orders of any kind, who did this.

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