Dead Body Found in Toolbox Buried in Pinal County Desert. Sorry, Jan Brewer, Head's Still Attached

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Pinal County Sheriff's Office
A hunter in Pinal County found a dead body in the above toolbox over the weekend.
A hunter roaming the desert in Pinal County over the weekend made a grim discovery: he found a half-buried toolbox containing a decomposing body.

Much to the chagrin of Governor Jan Brewer, Pinal County Sheriff's Office spokesman Tim Gaffney confirms to New Times that the head was still attached to the body.

About 11:40 a.m. on Sunday, the hunter was in the desert near the East Florence Kelvin Highway and Route 177 in Kearny when he came across the half-buried toolbox.

Inside, the hunter found the decomposing body of what the PCSO describes as a middle-aged male with "obvious signs of trauma."

Cops believe the man was murdered.

The PCSO says it has not positively identified the body -- although, Gaffney says they have a pretty good idea who he is.

Meanwhile, the body was taken to the Pinal County Medical Examiner's Office for an autopsy.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the PCSO at 520-866-5111.

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I'll bet Pinal County Sheriffs Dept. is gonna play dumb about what local are involved in smuggling activity and probabley tied to this death.


The writer, the editor, and the owner of this news company need to have his or her head examined. To take a pot shot at the governor in a article that is probably heart breaking to someone, is not investigative, unbiased news reporting. You people need to get a grip.

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