Sergeant Sean Drenth's City-Issued Gun Sold to Widow by Phoenix for $1

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The City of Phoenix sold slain Sergeant Sean Drenth's gun to his wife for $1.
The widow of slain Phoenix police Sergeant Sean Drenth has purchased her husband's department-issued gun from the city of Phoenix, according to minute entries from the Phoenix City Council's December 8 meeting.

The gun is the same Glock pistol found just feet from Drenth's body when he was discovered shot to death with his own shotgun near the state capitol in October of last year. Drenth's widow got a pretty good deal on the weapon, too -- it's only costing her $1.

See the entry from the Phoenix City Council meeting below.

As you may recall, Drenth's body was found shot to death near the State Capitol -- next to his police cruiser -- on October 18 of last year. He was on-duty at the time, but was out of contact with his precinct for about 45 minutes before the shooting.

The Phoenix P.D. has been fairly tight-lipped about the investigation, and the medical examiner hasn't said whether it was a murder or a suicide.

Drenth, Phoenix police Chief Jack Harris confirmed last November, was also on the list of officers involved in a time-theft scheme (which you can read all about by clicking here) and probably would have been indicted, as well as three other officers believed to be involved in the scheme, if he were still alive.

There has been speculation that Drenth's death was somehow tied to the investigation that led up to the indictment of the other officers -- and what would have likely been an indictment of his own.

Fueling the speculation is the fact that Harris announced last year that Drenth knew he, and the other officers, were being investigated. However, Harris also said he knew of no connection between the investigation and Drenth's death.

Simultaneously, the Department ordered more than two dozen Phoenix cops allegedly involved in the time-theft sheme to turn their DNA over to investigators so it could be compared to DNA recovered from the location at which Drenth's body was found.

Skeptics suggest he may have known he was under investigation and killed himself. There's also the theory that he was aiding in the investigation of the other officers and was killed by one of them.

Results from the DNA comparisons, the Department says, aren't expected for several months.

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Charles Ward
Charles Ward

I wonder if the Glock has a high capacity magazine?


I do believe South precinct is somehow responsible for this tragic murder of one of it's own . And I am personaly doing my own investigation in to finding out who in perticular is responsible Jack Harris


I find it hard to believe that he would commit suicide over a "time-theft" investigation. I have a hard time speculating that he would be murdered over said investigation. Unless this rabbit hole goes much deeper than anyone would expect. After living in Arizona for 15 years, I guess that I shouldn't be too surprised by anything.


I agree with this assessment. According to the AG's Office they believed Drenth was guilty of theft of approximately $1,200 bucks. Is that enough to kill yourself for???? I doubt it. Unfortunately his death/murder will never be solved. Maybe it was a suicide (I don't think so though) or murder but in either case the burden to prove either should be on the suicide portion of this. It should be up to the retirement board and the city to prove it was a suicide and until it is conclusively done (which after three months it won't be) hi death should be ruled an in the line of duty homicide. This way his family would get "full" benefits which he is entitled to and not the scraps given to them so far.


Agreed. It seems that investigators have found DNA at the scene and are trying to match it. Hopefully, this situation will rectify itself and bring closure for his family. None of the pieces fit in the suicide puzzle.

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