Christopher Licon Charged With Murder and Kidnapping in Deaths of Brother and Nephew

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Phoenix Police Department
Christopher Licon is accused of murdering his own brother and 6-year-old nephew.
It seemed only a matter of time, but the uncle of a 6-year-old boy found shot to death in a Phoenix alley last month has been charged with murder and kidnapping for the death of the boy and his father, the suspect's brother, who was also found shot to death a day before police discovered the body of the boy.

The Phoenix Police Department announced this afternoon that 19-year-old Christopher Licon, who was booked into custody on unrelated drug charges around the same time of the murders, will be charged with two counts of murder and one count of kidnapping for allegedly offing his own brother and nephew.

Xavier Jaquez, Licon's 6-year-old nephew, was found shot to death on the morning of December 14, in an alley near his mother's home, near 65th Avenue and Indian School Road, by a City of Phoenix sanitation crew. The boy's mother and father shared custody of the child.

Angel Jaquez, Licon's drug-dealing brother, was found on a couch in his home at 2719 East Broadway Road in Phoenix on December 13. He was shot once, police say. His body was discovered by his brother, although, it's unclear whether the brother who discovered the body was Licon.

Both Licon and Jaquez were drug dealers. Jaquez's arrest history includes a September 20, incident, in which police responded to a burglary call at his duplex and found marijuana inside

Jaquez took a plea deal and admitted to drug possession with intent to sell. He was sentenced to two years probation. 

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i grew up with christopher went to school with him and his sister we grew up a few houses away from eachother and always would hang out i never thot he would actually do this to angel and xavier he will rot in hell for this he knows they are gonna give it to him in prison so hes trying to play offf the mentally insane part he knows dam well he isnt dude i hope u never ever get out and hope u die in there


chris and I have been friends for a long time ....he was an honor student in high school and played football and baseball . He graduated in the top of his high school class and got a scholarship to asu .. He was so bright and got mixed up in selling and using drugs and its sad because he had such a bright future and had such bight heart .Something went wrong and he only he knows why.. His family is in my prayers .


I knew this boy 4 a long time we were actually really close until I moved away & he never was or even seemed like he would ever kill some 1.this is a very sad story & he deserves his punishment for all these ppl writin abt racism you shld b ashamed a 6 yr old died here & u hve no respect other than 2 write racism jokes. You have nothin better 2 do. I guess this is wat our world has come 2. Im 20 yrs old & was brought up w/ respect unlike the older ppl . I pray 4 the lives lost in this story. & chris I hope u think abt wat u did & it haunts you 4 the rest of your entire life.

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