Charred Remains of Woman Found Near Hoover Dam Identified as Owner of Las Vegas Escort Service

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The charred remains of a woman found near the Hoover Dam last month have been identified as the owner of a Las Vegas escort service. She was murdered, authorities say, over a $9,000 debt.

The remains are those of 39-year-old Yung Park, according to court documents first obtained by the Associated Press.

Park's body was found about a mile from the dam on December 23. It was found about the same time a Las Vegas burlesque dancer, 31-year-old Deborah Flores-Narvaez, was reported missing.

Flores-Navarez was last seen on December 13, and there was speculation that hers was the burned body found near the dam. That speculation was put to rest today -- she's yet to be found.

Last week, police in Sin City arrested two of Park's employees at her escort service in connection with her murder.

Min Soon Chang, 30, and 19-year-old Keon Kyun Park were arrested Thursday for the murder. Keon Kyun Park and the victim were not related, authorities say.

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This one is really one of the stunning information regarding Las Vegas Escort service. And the regarding woman's story is also looking so sad. And I really feel so regret for Yung Park. And the murder of this woman really shows just cruelness.

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It's funny. I try to run his name on the popular escort screening site VerifyHim.­com and he was showed at a no show. Maybe this guy already has a bad record in the escort world already. LOL


Reminds me of an episode of "Rost"

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