Bristol Palin Meets With Phoenix Radio Station About On-Air Job

Remember that publicity stunt job offered to Bristol Palin to co-host a morning radio show in Phoenix? About that...

Palin's reportedly met with management at Clear Channel's Phoenix-based Mix 96.9 (KMXP-FM) about the gig and apparently "seems interested."

If you missed it (or tried desperately to forget) Palin inexplicably bought a house in Maricopa last year. Considering there are no jobs with the sole requirement of dancing with "stars," Palin's apparently lookin' for work.

To boost ratings Because she's so talented, the station offered the daughter of the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee an on-air job with morning man Mathew Blades.


At the time of the offer, certain it was a publicity stunt, we instantly called BS. However, the station's director, Ron Price, insisted it wasn't a publicity stunt, but rather "an official offer to a very well-known personality, who may be looking for a new career in what will most likely be her new home state."
Palin was on the Bob & Mark Show, on an Anchorage radio station on Friday and says she's actually planning to pursue the gig.

"I'm working on a few different projects," she said. About the KMXP gig, she added, "I'm going to meet with them and see if it's actually legitimate and see if I would like the guy I would be on air with."
Today, the Associated Press is reporting that Palin met with station brass and "seems interested."
Below are the terms of the offer made to Palin by the station. If you're working your butt off to land a job in the radio biz, don't look at the offer letter -- it's sickening.



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Frozen Vagina On A Stick
Frozen Vagina On A Stick

Oh, that's right, that fat-ass lump of opiate addicted, good Republican, racist Rush Limbaugh already signed himself up a second chair "yes" whore to parrot his anal stupidity.Sorry, Bristol, you'd have liked the climate in Manhattan better as well. Frosty, just like your nether region.


She signed up to be a motivational speaker on the subject of teen pregnancy (She know about that right!), so many others are better suited to be a speaker on this but she demands some $30K just to speak about it, I expect she is not really suffering like others in her predicament, but that qualifies her to be a morning show DJ that so many others go to school for, and work in the industry for years to gain exposure, it is a slap in the face to anyone who has serious talent, oh well..Just another ZERO from the lucky gene pool!


"natural talent..."? When did she ever show that? Maybe it's a radio show about being the daughter of a staunch conservative who has premarital sex as a teen and doesn't bother to practice safe sex? Otherwise, AFAIK, she hasn't demonstrated any "natural talent" to the rest of the universe...

Phoenix Justice
Phoenix Justice

I guess I won't be listening 96.9 in the mornings anymore.


Mikey, your description of caribou barbie jr. sounds like she's a regressive's dream girl. I wonder if the billboards for her new show will picture her with a 44 magnum strapped to her hip?

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