Bristol Palin Calls Radio Station's Bluff; Will Pursue On-Air Gig at KMXP

When Clear Channel's Phoenix-based Mix 96.9 (KMXP-FM) offered Bristol Palin an on-air radio job earlier this month, the station's director, Ron Price, insisted it wasn't a publicity stunt. He better hope he was telling the truth because Palin now says she's considering taking the job.

"It is an official offer to a very well-known personality, who may be looking for a new career in what will most likely be her new home state," Price said at the time.

Palin was on the Bob & Mark Show, on an Anchorage radio station on Friday and says she's actually planning to pursue the gig.

"I'm working on a few different projects," she said. About the KMXP gig, she added, "I'm going to meet with them and see if it's actually legitimate and see if I would like the guy I would be on air with."

See the offer letter from the station to Palin below:



In case you missed it, Palin inexplicably bought a house in Maricopa last year. It was rumored that she was planning to attend Arizona State University's Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication -- a rumor the school's dean emphatically denies.

"Since Christmas Day, hundreds of news reports have been circulating that Bristol Palin is coming to Arizona State University, and specifically the Cronkite School. These reports are 100 percent incorrect. Ms. Palin has neither enrolled nor applied to ASU, and to the best of our knowledge, has made no contact with the university or the school," Chris Callahan, the school's dean, says in an e-mail.

As we pointed out in a previous post, who needs J-school when on-air radio jobs apparently just fall from the sky here in the Valley of the Sun -- if your mom's a former vice-presidential candidate, and you're a reality TV "star," that is.

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porfirio mcdiaz
porfirio mcdiaz

I don't understand why all of these people who can't find jobs don't just check their mailboxes and choose the offer they like best.

Charles Ward
Charles Ward

Mix is 'a respected brand in the market?" That's the first time I've heard that.


Must be a temp job at best. I listened to that radio interview she just did.Bristol,dear, you really need to stop with the ya, long pauses and muffeledanswers. I can't imagine this radio lite weight having anything interesting to say.IMO

Barbara Swichtenberg
Barbara Swichtenberg

"...targets women listeners..." That sounds weird, shouldn't it be "female listeners"?


Will this also bring about another TLC TeeVee show called Bristol Palin's Arizona? I can see her and Sheriff Blow Assholio having a segment on law and order in Sandland.

Damn, I should be a TLC producer.


Ain't that many women in Arizona you mean? ain't they all as purty as Guvernor Jan Brewer? I'll bet she was a lot purtier before her autopsy.

You go chubby. On radio, no one can see ya packin' on the pounds.

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