Barnett Lotstein, Former Shill for Ex-County Attorney Andrew Thomas, Finds Work at Scottsdale Law Firm

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Image: Ray Stern
Barnett Lotstein watched his boss, Andrew Thomas, lose the election in September's primary. Now Lotstein's working for a Scottsdale law firm

Barnett Lotstein, the face of ex-Maricopa County Attorney Andrew Thomas' legal baloney, has been hired at a Scottsdale law firm.

Before he quit the job voters gave him in 2008, Thomas typically had Lotstein -- his spokesman -- answer all the tough questions. You know, questions like "Do you have any evidence to back up what you're saying?"

Naturally, Lotstein didn't have real answers to such questions -- but he's really, really good at spreading the manure.

Lotstein hoped to follow Thomas to a succeessful run as state Attorney General, but Thomas failed to win the trust of most Republican voters during the primary, leaving the post in the hands of Tom Horne. Now, Thomas is focused on not getting disbarred.

Lotstein, meanwhile, has landed on all fours at a Scottsdale law firm, Hymson Goldstein & Pantiliat.

Kevin Newell, chief operations officer for the law firm, confirmed this morning that Lotstein has re-joined the general-practice company. Lotstein used to be a partner there back in 1990, Newell says.

We ask Newell what he thinks of Lotstein's not-so-esteemed work for the disgraced former county attorney.

"We have discussed that, and we don't really have any comment," he says. ""He's not doing that kind of work for us."

Newell means spokesman-type work, not the kind of work that results in multi-million claims for wrongful prosecutions.

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Also noteworthy is that Lisa Aubuchon NOW (after days of testimony) believes that the panel reviewing her termination has a conflict of interest with her case and wants it moved to a different county! I suggest Yavapi. Shiela Polk can head the review committee!

Lisa, give it up. Are you really so stupid that you can't see that what you did was wrong and totally unethical???


THAT'S Barnett Lotstein?!?

Am I looking at the Flaccid Fool's evil twin?!?

Coz:Well said!


The only work this POS Lopstein should be doing is pushing a broom in prison and sharing a cell with McInWeasel from MCSO.


Don't worry about the Arizona Bar Association, they have nothing but contempt for the citizen's of Arizona's ability to access competent legal counsel and will stop at nothing to avoid political controversy. They'll disbar attorneys who screw with their client's money alright (given enough damage done), but ethcally, the members of the Bar Association's committee are "challenged."

Hey boys, have another drink on me. Isn't this a great BAR!


I thought Lotstein was facing disbarment? Didn't he have a hand in the wrongful conviction of Ray Krone?

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