Authorities Recover Black Bag Possibly Belonging to Jared Loughner

loughner mugshot.jpg
A bag possibly belonging to Jared Loughner has been recovered by authorities.
The Pima County Sheriff's Office now confirms that a black bag sought by authorities, which may have belonged to Jared Loughner -- the suspect in Saturday's shooting rampage in Tucson -- has been recovered.

The bag was found by a man walking his dog in the vicinity of Loughner's parents' home.

The bag is believed to be the same one Loughner was seen removing from the trunk of his parents' car the morning of the shooting.

Loughner's father asked him about the contents of the bag before his son ran off into the desert -- carrying the mysterious bag. Randy Loughner followed Jared, but lost sight of him shortly after he ran off.

The Associated Press is reporting that authorities found ammunition and receipts from a drug store inside the bag. The PCSO, however, won't confirm the contents of the bag and say they're still trying to determine if it's even the same bag Loughner was seen carrying.

The PCSO says it expects to release more information about the bag later today.

Check back to Valley Fever for updates. 

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Maybe Loughner was tweaked out on "bath salts" when he went on this shooting rampage. He went to the Circle K 3-4 times the night before the shooting and you can buy that garbage at gas stations and convenience stores. He looked like a tweaked out freak in his mug shot.

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