Arizona Cardinals Lose to Worst Team in NFL. Officially Out of Playoff Contention

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There are only three teams in the National Football League with worse records than the Arizona Cardinals. The Carolina Panthers -- the worst of those three teams -- beat the Cards 19-12 yesterday in game 14 of the Cardinals' series of practices for next year (a.k.a.: the 2010 football season) in Charlotte, North Carolina.

There's no silver lining to this loss -- the Cards just suck.

"Seemed like every time we had a chance to do something, we made mistakes," Coach Ken Whisenhunt said after the game. "I think our guys were fighting; they just made too many bad plays to overcome."

Rookie quarterback John "Three-and-Out" Skelton's performance was about par for the course when it comes to Cards quarterbacks this season, throwing no touchdowns, one interception, and losing a fumble, which earned him a pitiful QB rating of 57.1. 

While Skelton sucked, he didn't have much help.

The offensive line allowed defenders to pressure the young quarterback frequently, receivers dropped balls -- consistently -- and the running game was almost nonexistent, offering a grand total of 43 yards to the loss.

Penalties didn't help things, costing the Cards 39 yards at the most inopportune moments.

As for the defense, Arizona Republic sports writer Kent Somers said it best in his article in this morning's paper: "The Panthers offense is about as complicated as a glass of water, but it was effective enough Sunday."

That's because the Cardinals' defense was awful, not because the Panthers' offense was good.

The Cards' defense gave up 303 yards to the Panthers' offense, and the team's own rookie QB, Jimmy Clausen, who until yesterday hadn't thrown a touchdown pass since October 3.

Until yesterday, the Cards were shockingly still in playoff contention thanks to the awfulness that is the NFC West. Now, there's no hope -- the Cards are officially out of contention.

Not that anyone should care, but the Cardinals play again next week. The team hosts the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday in Glendale. For more info, click here

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J Curwen
J Curwen

Fuck the Cardinals anyhow. They lobbied against Prop 203: bad karma comes to bite them in the ass.


Actually, regardless of record, the Cardinals are the worst team in the NFL, hands down. Period. Why? Because every time they groom talent, they allow that talent to wander off to other teams, where they almost immediately show up in the highlight films at least once every three weeks. Year after year after year this happens. So what's the answer? They bring in a new coach, but then expect the guy to wave a magic wand and right the Titanic almost immediately. When an entire team is in this much of a tailspin, you can't expect immediate results, these things take time. Concentrate on finding a way to hold onto your good players(One of my best friends is a HUGE Cards fan, and he tells me this part is getting much better), and then go and find a good coach, but give him more than a couple of years to work with this mess. And don't tell me free agency ruins these ideas, look at the Pittsburgh Steelers, many of their marquee players stay on for their entire careers, or stop moving around after they land in Pittsburgh. They've also only had 3 head coaches in 40 years, this makes them able to build strong, cohesive units and actually discover strengths and weaknesses before that player moves on and the process has to start all over again.

Forget firing the head coach, fire the owners!

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