Suspected Meth Dealer Accidentally Sets Trailer on Fire as SWAT Team Serves Search Warrant. Cause of Blaze: Meth, Of Course

Pinal County Sheriff's Office
Michael Thornborrow's initial reaction to seeing the SWAT Team surround his house was to run inside and smoke some meth.
When 47-year-old Michael Thornborrow watched from his backyard as the SWAT team from the Pinal County Sheriff's Office surrounded his trailer yesterday afternoon, his first thought, apparently, was to run into the trailer, fire up a butane lighter, and smoke a little meth.

Bad idea -- in the process, he set the trailer on fire and forced the very officers present to serve a search warrant at the home to rescue him from the burning trailer.

About 4 p.m. yesterday, the PCSO's SWAT team began to move in on Thornborrow's trailer to serve a search warrant. A suspected meth dealer, authorities believed he was selling the drug out of his home.

Thornborrow was in the backyard when cops got there. PCSO spokesman Tim Gaffney tells New Times, Thornborrow saw the officers coming -- he even made eye contact with them. At that point, Gaffney says, Thorborrow ran into the trailer and refused to come out.

Soon after, SWAT officers saw smoke and flames pouring out of the trailer. Still, Thornborrow refused to come out.

Pinal County Sheriff's Office
This is what happened when cops moved in on Thornborrow's trailer.
The flames intensified -- officers were forced to back away from the trailer because of the intense heat. That's when Thornborrow decided he was ready to come out of the burning trailer but was unable to do so on his own.

He called out for help and officers were able to pull him from the flames uninjured.

After being rescued, Thornborrow told police he was in the trailer smoking meth with a butane lighter, which caused the blaze.

Thornborrow's was booked into the Pinal County Adult Detention Facility on one count of arson of an occupied structure.

As for any meth that may have been in the trailer, Gaffney says, "I would imagine he either smoked it, disposed of it, or it burned up." 

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A Junkie By Any Other Name
A Junkie By Any Other Name

Well, boys and girls, I'm going to confess to ya all that I too am a Meth user. It is not something I'm particularly proud of, but it is part of my reality and I will not run away from it.Worse yet... I inject it. Oddly enough I have a high end IQ of 132. Not bad for an over-the-hill junkie. But like that old movie stated... "Stupid is as stupid does". To be sure.I'm an old school user (35 years) and seem to be somewhat immune to the foibles and frailties I see in the newer generation of so-called tweekers.And please believe me that I do my best to dissuade the youngins from taking up the habit. But kids will do what they do. If they knew the potential for disaster with Meth, or "G" as its known today, they wouldn't mess with it at all. No, you don't get strung out after a single use. If the dope is properly processed you experience a euphoria that is unique and unfortunately quite enjoyable. Meth erases any inhibitions the user may have, and a few draws on the pipe and your off to the races.There is an initial quality to it that engenders an almost uncontainable desire for S-E-X. The classic walk on the wild side. I've seen the most devout heterosexuals turn into a homo from hell and any guy will suffice. If a girl is handy, all the better. However, if you ever administer a "butt-rocket" to a willing female cohort, you are well advised to do so only on the tile floor. Once the sex need is fulfilled, one can go on to the next adventure, typically re-arranging the household... furniture, closets, the whole place, whether its your house or not. And everything that is mechanical by design suddenly is either broken or can be improved with a little tweeker fixer-upper project. This invariably leads to the appliance or device, especially cars and bikes, being dismantled, the pieces lost, broken or mixed up, and the machinary will never function again, at least not properly. The project will then be considered completed and all parties involved will find something else to tear up. The original item will lay where it is until a second tweeker comes along, damning the horrible job the first tweeker did while this person assures one and all that he CAN fix it. Just let him smoke a pipefull or two.The more long term users also become trapped in the "time-space continuum". The world continues on outside while inside the tweeker domicile the hands of time cease to move. This can be a handicap for such social activities as going to work, school or even the bathroom.You can take it from me that there is a huge difference between shooting Meth and shooting Heroin. Heroin has a physically debilitating component to it while Meth addiction is purely psychological. And perhaps that's its most damaging characteristic. There can be no ailment in the world worse than the one that's all in your head.I'll be 57 years old this Christmas and I still shoot Meth, just not as much as I used to. Will I ever stop, sure, the day I stop breathing.That 132 IQ doesn't seem too impressive now, does it.


Skinhead, meth-head, livin' in a trailer, dumber than whaleshit.

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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Stupid is, as stupid is.... but now he will be a ward of the state and taken care of until the next opportunity to hurt or kill himself or someone else.

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