Susan Brock Child Molestation Case: Friend Arrested for Tampering With Evidence

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Chandler Police Department
Christian Weems allegedly tried to destroy evidence in the child molestation case against Susan Brock.
Honestly, we didn't think it was possible for a story about a Maricopa County Supervisor's wife allegedly carrying out a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old boy to get any more strange. But today it did, and now includes code-talking with one of her gal pals about destroying evidence.

If you're unfamiliar with the case of Susan Brock, who was recently hit with divorce papers from her Maricopa County Supervisor hubby, Fulton Brock, click here.

A friend of Brock's was arrested yesterday after police say she tried to destroy evidence in Brock's child molestation case.

Christian Hart Weems has been hit with five felony counts including hindering prosecution, tampering with evidence, and obstruction of a criminal investigation for allegedly trying to destroy emails stored in Brock's alleged victim's email account.

According to court documents obtained by New Times, Brock and the victim would often coordinate meeting times by writing drafts of emails and saving them in the victim's email account. Brock had access to the account and could check messages left by the victim and leave her own for him.

Because the emails were only drafts, they were never sent and wouldn't appear in the victim's "sent box." Court docs state Brock told the victim to do it this way to avoid being detected by his parents.

On November 2, after Weems had visited Brock in jail, Brock called her from the clink and the two had a conversation where Weems seems tries get Brock to tell her some sort of password using code-talk about a trip the two on to California.

"I have a question," Weems said to Brock during the conversation, "do you remember when you and I went to California and when we went to that, that, you and I and all the girls we went to the beach house and you had to have a password to get in the gate, do you remember what that is?"

At first, Brock seemed confused by the question, but later, after some hints from Weems, seemed to figure it out.

Brock then rattled off a password -- supposedly to get into a gate at beach house in California -- which happened to be the same password to the victim's email account.

Chandler Sergeant Joe Favazzo tells New Times it's unlikely Weems knew about the molestation prior to Brock's arrest, but says the two saw each other at the jail prior to the phone conversation about the password.

It seems Brock told Weems about the email account and password in a prior conversation. Being a good friend, Weems, it appears, was going to delete some incriminating emails stored in the boy's account.

After Weems had the password, she told Brock "thank you, um OK so thank you, I need that in order to take care of some things and be able to get into it, so thank you."

Weems was released on her own recognizance. She is due back in court on January 12.

It's unclear, Favazzo says, whether Brock will be charged with any crimes in regards to tampering with evidence.
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Yes the whole sorted story with Chrissy Weems and Susan Brock is DISGUSTING!!!!! How does she look at her self in the mirror?


How many articles are there like this? Once I started looking it seems like I keep finding out more about Chrissy Weems AKA Christian Weems. I made this same post somewhere else about my surprise that Christian Weems apparently pleaded guilty to tampering with evidence to help her pedophile friend Susan Brock? The most troubling report I have seen on Chrissy Weems in this case is the video for ABC news  posted below in the comments section of this article. Some links to the other troubling stories about Chrissy Weems are below as well. Listening to Chrissy Weems AKA Christian Weems voice trying to coax a password from the now convicted pedophile Susan Brock in a jail house conversation is creepy. In my opinion these are the worst crimes against our communities and have to be dealt much harsher penalties.

mirandasmith1972 1 Like

Very sad. Even more sad that Christian Weems is now going by the name Chrissy Weems, to try and confusion people... so they don't connect the dots. Try as you will, but the truth will prevail. The Orgiami Owl Ladies are smart enought to figure it out.

sarah197077 1 Like

Check out this video of Chrissy Christian Weems, the founder of Origami Owl. It shows the live video of her trying to destroy evidence to protect her pedophile friend Susan Brock. The video is a report by ABC news.

Mistalee 2 Like

"Christian" indeed. As in "suffer the little children to come unto me."

LuvAZ 2 Like

Mormons look out for one another.

FemaleMolesters 2 Like

So its a family affair now with the latest news of the arrest of Brock's daughter

botanybay 2 Like

If the victim is cooperating, all he'd have to do is go into his email account and notice that the drafts had been deleted, and he'd be able to notify the prosecutors about that. There is no "getting rid" of this kind of evidence.

Dumbass Weems: If the email account had the ability to let them save a draft and come back to it, don't you think the email company has the ability to RETRIEVE any drafts they may have created and later deleted? The servers that store the information for draft messages are BACKED-UP every day, probably multiple times per day. You'd have been caught even if they hadn't recorded your conversation in the jail. Duh!

FemaleMolesters 2 Like

Oh I am quite sure you know exactly how to find an "older lady" to fulfill your adult sexual fantazies Rurubean LOL! Try seaching the sex offenders registry for like minded people

Rurubean 2 Like

Damn! No matter how hard I try I can never find an older lady who will put out and buy me shit!! Attention to all my friends long as u ain't fat I won't tell, better yet my mom won't trip

lonewolf 1 Like

man, why did we not have moms like this back in the 70's when I was in school. lets see the mom, the daughter, and he probably could have gotten the mom's friend to join in as well.

FemaleMolesters 2 Like

Birds of a feather, flock together. Wonder how long it will be before Brock owes Weems a return favour?

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