Scottsdale Man Robbed Bank in Hopes of Moving Out of Parents' Home


ramsower adam suspect.jpg
Image: Maricopa County Sheriff's Office
Adam Ramsower robbed a bank so he could move out of his parent's home. Wish granted.
Adam Ramsower isn't the only 30-year-old who's had to move back in with his folks during this ultra-marathon of a recession.

But he's the only one we've heard of who wanted to save up for his own place by gambling with money he'd stolen from a bank robbery.


Ramsower's been living in his parent's Scottsdale home for about a year. On December 20, he'd apparently had enough. He woke up that morning and decided to rob a bank to "get out on his own," court records state.

The man borrowed his mom's bicycle and rode it to a Wells Fargo in the posh Greyhawk neighborhood. It was too busy, so he chickened out and rode over the Bank of America at 20595 North Hayden Road, where he presented a teller with a demand note.

He ran out on foot with a whopping $1,200 take and got back on the bike, which he'd stashed in a desert area near the bank. The next day, he boarded a bus to Las Vegas. On the way, he used his cell phone to blab everything to at least one friend, who promptly called the FBI.

Once Ramsower had blown all the money in casinos, his conscience got the best of him and he called 911 to confess. Vegas PD arrested him, then put him on a bus to Phoenix, where he was taken in by Scottsdale police.

In the end, though, his wish came true -- no more living with mom and dad. For the next few years, anyway.

On Ramsower's Facebook page, he describes himself as a professional poker player and server at Nello's Pizza in Scottsdale who "who works 50 hours a week, goes to college full time, and plays professional poker. I love money, money and da cars, cars and da close, I suppose, I just wanna be, I just wanna be , successful (:."

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man with a van
man with a van

There are so many factors one has to take into consideration before they choose to shift houses. Moving houses can also be a very costly romance if one does not determine right.


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Tommy Collins
Tommy Collins

Three hots and a cot. He has accomplished what he set out to do.

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